God of War Isn’t the Only PlayStation ‘Banger’ Coming This Year, Says Dev

God of War Isn't the Only PlayStation 'Banger' Coming This Year, Says Dev

Tweets from PlayStation developer Robert Morrison suggest that God of War: Ragnorak isn’t the publisher’s only big release for the remainder of 2022.

A series of tweets from PlayStation developer Robert Morrison hint that God of War: Ragnarök does not count as the only major release Sony’s set to roll out for the remainder of this year. Notably, Morrison is an animator who works with PlayStation Studios Visual Arts, a group responsible for the cinematics in many first-party Sony experiences.

Uncorroborated reports that made the rounds in Spring 2021 claimed the Visual Arts crew had begun work on an unannounced Last of Us remake before series creator Naughty Dog took over the project. Apart from its continued efforts as a support team, there exists no official word on what else the Visual Arts group may have up its sleeve. Regardless, 2022 has already proven a massive year for PlayStation Studios, thanks to the releases of Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7 in February and March, respectively. God of War: Ragnarok from Santa Monica Studio seemingly serves as the next noteworthy adventure from the first-party stable, though it presently lacks a firm due date. In fact, the September 2021 PlayStation Showcase trailer for the God of War sequel didn’t even feature a tag teasing its presumed 2022 launch window.


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Twitter user Okami13_ (via DualShockers) recently compiled a series of Twitter posts from PlayStation animator Robert Morrison into one tweet. Morrison shared one post on March 18, following the releases of Forbidden West and GT7, that mentioned “PlayStation has some bangers coming this year.” Another tweet from April 12 sees the animator note that while he isn’t working on God of War: Ragnarok, his team does have something “equally cool” in the works. Finally, Okami13_ found a message from March 3 wherein Morrison teased he’s worked on a project for three to five years but cannot share details as of yet.

PlayStation Studios developer says Sony has some bangers coming this year.

“I’m not working on God of War Ragnarok but something equally cool.”

The Last of Us Remake or something else? 👀 pic.twitter.com/SDy6DXNl9p

— Kami. (@Okami13_) April 17, 2022

Though Robert Morrison worked on God of War (2018) for six months in 2017, it’s worth noting that, according to his LinkedIn profile, the animator joined SIE’s Visual Arts group in July 2021. It’s possible, then, that the Twitter post from March 3 may not be PlayStation-related. Still, Morrison’s other comments indicate PlayStation could have quite the surprise in store as far as unannounced 2022 titles are concerned. As Okami13_ posits, the rumored The Last of Us remake could constitute the mystery project in question.

Of course, PlayStation faithful continue to await news regarding The Last of Us’ Factions multiplayer suite, as well. But what else the publisher could have on the docket is anyone’s guess at this point, especially when taking PlayStation’s various live-service and virtual reality efforts into consideration.

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God of War: Ragnarök is expected to launch in 2022 on PS4 and PS5.

Source: Robert Morrison (via Okami13_/Twitter, DualShockers)

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