Godzilla’s SON Makes More Sense In The MonsterVerse Than Kong’s

Godzilla's SON Makes More Sense In The MonsterVerse Than Kong's

Reportedly, the Godzilla vs. Kong sequel is a Son of Kong story. Here’s why a MonsterVerse version of Godzilla’s son would actually make more sense.

A MonsterVerse interpretation of Godzilla’s son would actually make more sense than a Son of Kong story. Months ago, it was reported that Legendary was entertaining the idea of a Son of Kong movie with Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard helming the project. Now, rumor has it that Son of Kong is indeed the title of the next MonsterVerse movie.

Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but speculation regarding the future of the MonsterVerse’s Kong is mounting. It seems that even though Godzilla vs. Kong clearly set up a second solo adventure for the giant ape, Legendary will instead introduce a brand-new member of his species. If the rumors about the new film are true, the next MonsterVerse movie will be Legendary’s take on Son of Kong, the sequel to the 1933 King Kong classic. Released in the same year as the original, Son of Kong told the story of Kong’s 12-foot-tall, albino offspring and his adventures on Skull Island. Presumably, a MonsterVerse version of the story would be set in Kong’s home, the hidden Hollow Earth world.


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While the MonsterVerse can theoretically give either of its two main Titans an heir to the respective titles, Godzilla’s son would be much easier to use. The reason for that can be attributed to the fact that Godzilla’s son can be introduced without any changes to his story. Unlike Kong (who is a mammal), Godzilla is typically depicted as a reptile with an asexual reproduction process, which of course means that Godzilla has no need for a mate. Kong, on the other hand, will need to find a female member of his species in order for him to sire a son. The problem, though, is that Kong is supposedly the last of his kind.

Godzilla Minilla Son of Godzilla

To make Son of Kong work, the movie will have to make a significant change to Kong’s story by revealing that after the movie’s events, he was somehow able to find others like him. The existence of other Kongs isn’t unfeasible per se, but establishing the existence of other Kongs would naturally undo Godzilla vs. Kong’s ending and what it set up for his future. The issue with this creates a narrative challenge that the MonsterVerse wouldn’t have if it were to explore Godzilla’s son, who can be introduced at any time and without any obstacles.

In the Showa series, the presence of Minila (the first version of Godzilla’s son) and the absence of a female implied he was asexual. This aspect of his biology was confirmed in the 1990s series when he fathered Baby Godzilla. Given the history of the character, it makes sense that the MonsterVerse Godzilla shares the same trait. The MonsterVerse may never ultimately head in this direction with the King of the Monsters, but this does provide future movies with a really simple way of continuing his legacy, whereas a Son of Kong story would be a lot more complicated.

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