Gunner Class Guide (Best Weapons, Skills, & Items)

Gunner Class Guide (Best Weapons, Skills, & Items)

Lost Ark features five classes each with their own set of subclasses. Gunner classes are great at dealing ranged DPS with different playstyles.

Lost Ark features five classes including the Gunner class, which is a ranged class that utilizes different types of projectile weapons against enemies. Gunners are excellent marksmen that serve varied roles when doing damage on the battlefield with projectiles. Lost Ark players focused on doing damage with short-to-long-range shooting are best suited to playing Gunners. The Gunner class is further broken down into four advanced subclasses starting at level 10.

Once players hit level 10 in Lost Ark, they will have a choice between four subclasses for the Gunner: Artillerist, Gunslinger, Deadeye, and Sharpshooter. Artillerists are a slow tank class that can transform their machine guns into different weapons on the fly. Unlike tank classes like the Warrior class, Artillerists can strike from a distance. Gunslingers wield three weapons to damage targets anywhere from point-blank to extremely long-range. Deadeyes are the male counterpart of Gunslingers, although they are more adept at using the shotgun. Sharpshooters use mechanical bows with custom effects to damage enemies from long-range.


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The Gunner subclasses in Lost Ark vary widely, with each class having a different range specification. Gunslingers and Deadeyes both share similar attack setups, while Artillerists serve as the most tank-like Gunner subclass and Sharpshooters serve as snipers. Although each of the four Gunner subclasses has a different type of playstyle, they are all best suited to players who like to deal accurate damage from a distance. Each of these subclasses has specific weapons, skills, and engravings for players to use while dealing with world bosses like Rovlen in Lost Ark.

The Best Gunner Artillerist Class Guide In Lost Ark (Weapons, Skills, & Items)

Artillerist Class Guide Lost Ark

The Artillerist is a tank-based subclass for the Gunner in Lost Ark. Artillerists are based on doing harsh damage in heavy armor while using Launchers as their main weapons.

Tier 3 Launchers: Hero’s Worn Launcher, Sunset Launcher, Warm Evening Launcher, Dazzling Twilight Launcher, Dimensional Launcher, Hero’s Tattered Launcher.Artillerist Skills: Air Raid, Energy Field, Flamethrower, Gravity Explosion, Homing Barrage, Multiple Rocket Launcher, Napalm Shot, Plasma Storm.Artillerist Engravings: Cursed Doll, Grudge, Adrenaline, Barricade.

The Best Gunner Gunslinger Class Guide In Lost Ark (Weapons, Skills, & Items)

Gunslinger Lost Ark Class Guide

The Gunslinger is a three-weapon subclass that uses Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, and Pistols as their main weapons. Unlike other ranged subclasses like the Lost Ark Sorceress, the Gunslinger uses guns as weapons.

Tier 3 Guns: Hero’s Worn Gun, Twisted Dimensional Gun, Sunset Gun, Warm Evening Gun, Dazzling Twilight Gun, Dimensional Gun, Hero’s Tattered Gun.Gunslinger Skills: AT02 Grenade, Bullet Rain, Death Fire, Dexterous Shot, Equilibrium, Quick-Step, Somersault Shot, Shotgun Rapid Fire, Sharpshooter, Last Request, Hour of Judgment, Catastrophe, Focused Shot, Perfect Shot, Spiral Flame.Gunslinger Engravings: Grudge, Cursed Doll, Adrenaline, Precise Dagger, Keen Blunt Weapon.

The Best Gunner Deadeye Class Guide In Lost Ark (Weapons, Skills, & Items)

Deadeye Gunner Class Guide Lost Ark

The Deadeye is the same type of subclass as the Gunslinger in Lost Ark with a better proficiency in shotguns.

Tier 3 Guns: Hero’s Worn Gun, Twisted Dimensional Gun, Sunset Gun, Warm Evening Gun, Dazzling Twilight Gun, Dimensional Gun, Hero’s Tattered Gun.Deadeye Skills: AT02 Grenade, Catastrophe, Equilibrium, Last Request, Meteor Stream, Perfect Shot, Shotgun Dominator, Shotgun Rapid Fire, Sign of Apocalypse, Spiral Tracker.Deadeye Engravings: Grudge, Cursed Doll, Adrenaline.

The Best Gunner Sharpshooter Class In Lost Ark (Weapons, Skills, & Items)

Sharpshooter Gunner Class Guide Lost Ark

The Sharpshooter is a long-range sniper class in Lost Ark. Sharpshooters do precise damage like Martial Artists in Lost Ark, except they use bows as their main weapons.

Tier 3 Bows: Hero’s Worn Bow, Sunset Bow, Warm Evening Bow, Dazzling Twilight Bow, Dimensional Bow, Hero’s Tattered Bow.Sharpshooter Skills: Blade Storm, Charged Shot, Claymore Mine, Moving Slash, Salvo, Sharpshooter, Snipe, Stalker.Sharpshooter Engravings: Grudge, Precise Weapon, Cursed Doll, Keen Blunt Weapon.

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Lost Ark is available on PC.


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