Halo Episode 4 Recreates A Master Chief Shot From Halo Infinite

Halo Episode 4 Recreates A Master Chief Shot From Halo Infinite

Halo’s TV show has been criticized for being different from the established canon, but an image in episode 4 shows how detailed the creators are.

With Halo episode 4 “Homecoming,” the Paramount+ TV show continues to include subtle references to the original video games. Though the Halo TV show has received backlash for being different from the established video game canon, the conflict between the UNSC and the Covenant still remains at the heart of the story. The Halo TV show has also allowed for the opportunity to explore the Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) and his background a little bit more. While Spartans are known for being efficient warriors, always having their emotions in check, Halo episode 4 brought both John-117 and Kai-125 (Kate Kennedy) face-to-face with their long-forgotten human side.


On a mission to discover more Covenant technology, the Master Chief leads Dr. Halsey (Natascha McElhone) and Adun (Ryan McParland) to his homeworld of Eridanus II. Master Chief’s family is long gone, but he does have a number of flashbacks that makes him wonder about what really happened to them. Many of these scenes in Halo’s episode 4 focus squarely on the Master Chief, showing the many emotions he is feeling throughout these vivid flashbacks.

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After the group lands on Eridanus II, Master Chief takes a few steps, helmet in hand, resting it against his leg. The camera pauses on the helmet for a few seconds as if to make some sort of statement that this particular moment might be familiar to some. The artistic choice was for good reason; this image is a recreation of the Halo: Infinite video game announcement trailer from 2018’s E3 event. The moment happens at about 10:24 in Halo episode 4 (below on the right) and at 1:33 in the trailer (below on the left) (via YouTube).

Master Chief Trailer Recreation Episode 4

Though the franchise has been around since 2001, Halo: Infinite just released in December of 2021. Fresh in the minds of those that have immersed themselves in the various forms of media Halo has existed in, the decision to replicate such an emotional moment from the E3 announcement trailer was a very conscious one. Although it is a fun Easter egg to spot in its own right, the message it conveys is also much bigger than that. The Halo TV show has repeatedly come under fire for having the Master Chief remove his helmet so early on after his video game character had spent most of his time with it on. While Master Chief’s helmet removal in Halo’s episode 2 seemingly made what his character stood for even worse at the time, circling back to replicating an image from the Halo: Infinite trailer draws it all together. The franchise is moving John-117 to become more human as he grapples with attuning to his emotions.

The Halo TV show is already full of fun nuggets from the video games and books, and will continue to have more hidden within. Though the creators of the Paramount+ show have purposely gone out of their way to create a fresh story for the Master Chief, they are also acutely aware of the moments that will resonate with audiences. Halo’s TV show makes fun of a lot of the aspects from the video games in fact, but it is a nice reprieve between some of the darker moments of the plotline. As the story continues, it will be fun to see just what other references the TV show makes to previous Halo media.

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