Harley Quinn’s Joker Obsession Was Actually Never Her Fault

Harley Quinn's Joker Obsession Was Actually Never Her Fault

After readers are given a glimpse into Harley Quinn’s extended family, it becomes clear that her obsession with the Joker was never her own fault.

When Harley Quinn was introduced to the DC Universe, she was more of a featured henchman to Joker who had yet to discover her own character, one who was absolutely obsessed with the Clown Prince of Crime. As her backstory began to unravel, fans became aware that Harley joined the Joker after falling completely in love with him while acting as his psychiatrist in Arkham Asylum. However, relatively new information has come to light which explains that Harley’s complete and utter infatuation with the Joker was never actually her own fault, but something of a hereditary fascination.

In Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass Chapter 1 by Mariko Tamaki and Steve Pugh, readers are shown exactly how and why Harleen Quinzel ended up in Gotham City as a young woman. Harleen came to the city to stay with her grandmother, but upon entering her apartment, she realized that her grandma had died some time ago. Living in the apartment was a man named Benny who was friends with Harleen’s grandma before she passed, and allowed her to stay in the apartment for as long as she wished.


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During the first night of Harleen’s stay in her late grandma’s former apartment, Benny told her a few things about her grandmother that she may not have known. One aspect of Harleen’s grandma that is immediately alarming to readers is her love of clowns as Benny told Harleen that she had a number of clown portraits hanging in her apartment the whole time she lived there. The fact that Harley Quinn’s grandma loved clowns, and that Harley made her comic book introduction as perhaps the biggest lover of clowns, means that Harleen never had a chance when she fell under the influence of the Joker as that love for clowns literally runs in her family.

Harley Quinn's family is to blame for her Joker obsession.

Like many other toxic family traits that many individuals suffer from, Harley Quinn eventually kicked the inherent love she had for clowns in a big way. When Harley eventually left the Joker for good, she finally became one of the most beloved DC Comics characters in existence and a fully developed character in her own right.

The Joker, while arguably fans’ favorite Batman villain among his rogues, ended up being the most boring aspect of Harley Quinn. By his side, Harley was a glorified henchman who rarely had an original thought outside of the Joker’s immediate plots or desires. Though without him, she left the life of villainy behind and became an antihero who is now on the road to achieving full superhero status. Her current state in DC Comics is a far cry from her debut, during which time Harley Quinn was absolutely obsessed with the Joker, an affliction that was actually never her fault but that of her family’s influence.

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