Here’s a Rundown of Today’s Day of the Devs 2022 Stream

Here's a Rundown of Today's Day of the Devs 2022 Stream

For many years in a row, Double Fine — now an Xbox Games Studio — held a physical event at a warehouse-like space in San Francisco to showcase the newest and upcoming indie games. The idea was to invite the press and the public to play indie games that might not otherwise get a chance at a PAX booth or an E3 show and let at least a little bit of word-of-mouth spread about these titles. Since the pandemic began, though, the idea of the physical show has somewhat fallen by the wayside, and Double Fine itself became part of Microsoft’s ecosystem. These two things aren’t stopping Tim Schafer and crew from trying to make good on that original Day of the Devs mission, though, as they still held a showcase of the most interesting indie games they could find today.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the show but want to see which indie games you should be excited for in the near future, we got you covered. Here’s everything you missed in today’s Day of the Devs show.

At the beginning of the show, Tim Schafer has forced everyone to put on party hats. I don’t know if this specifically applies to you, the person reading this recap, but I wouldn’t risk noncompliance if you have a party hat nearby.

The first title shown is Time Flies, a minimalist game where the player takes the role of a fly. It’s largely a metaphor about how little time we actually have before we shuffle off this mortal coil, but as told through the life of a fly. You can read more about Time Flies here. It is coming to PlayStation, Switch, and PC “sometime in 2023.”

From Wishfully Studios comes Planet of Lana, a 2D sidescroller puzzle game with hints of 1993’s Flashback and more than a little Ori. The game is hitting Xbox and PC later this year.

Choo-Choo Charles

Choo-Choo Charles, from Two-Star Games, is one of the most fascinating games at the show. The first-person title has your character being pursued relentlessly and endlessly by a demonic spider-train named Charles. You can only temporarily get Charles off your back by blasting him away, but you need to sometimes leave the comfort of your own train and do missions for people to upgrade your weapons. The ultimate goal is to get strong enough to summon Charles and kill him off for good.  You can find out more about Choo-Choo Charles here. The presentation says the game is coming to PC in “early 2022,” but it’s unclear what that means right now.

Escape Academy

Escape Academy, coming from Coin Crew Games, is a game about escape rooms from real-life escape room creators. The title — which can be either single-player or co-op — takes place at what Coin Crew Games describes as “Hogwarts for Escape Rooms.” Find out more about Escape Academy here. The game will release on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on July 14 and will be available on Game Pass at launch.

A Little to the Left

The next title, A Little to the Left, is an organizing game from Max Inferno. It’s a game about organizing various household things, which starts off easy and gets progressively more brain-teasing as you go. It doesn’t help that your cat keeps messing up what you’re doing. It will be released later this year on PC and Switch.

Bear and Breakfast

Bear and Breakfast  — a game that I strongly believe should have been named BearB&B — is about a bear trying to run and maintain a bed and breakfast. The Day of the Devs presentation has a new animated trailer and a release date. You can pick up Bear and Breakfast on PC and Switch on July 26 and read more about the game here.

Animal Well

From Shared Memory comes Animal Well, a heavily ARG-influenced pixel art Metroidvania. Players explore a labyrinth and attempt to navigate a world of both extensive geography and possibly dangerous creatures. Animal Well has multi-layered puzzles, the deepest of which may require players and communities years to solve or even recognize. The game is hitting PS5 and PC, but no date timeframe was given.


NAIAD, from Hiwarp, is a top-down game about swimming peacefully in nature. The game will have a lot to say about nature vs. encroaching urbanization and the role humans play in that. NAIAD is hitting PC and consoles by the end of the year.

Roots of Pacha

Roots of Pacha from Soda Den is a farming and life sim game set in a prehistoric caveman era. It’s about creating a village when there’s no established resources, best practices, or even a particularly explored region around you. Roots of Pacha has a demo on Steam right now, if you want to try it out.


Ustwo Games, developers of the Monument Valley series, have a new title called Desta: The Memories Between. The new game is pitched as an emotionally vulnerable narrative, but not a lot is really shown about it. Desta is being built from the ground up as a multiplatform title and the developers show it being played on Switch during the presentation.


Shadow-based platformer SCHiM makes its debut with a minimalist art style but a lot of charm. Players in control of a little shadow creature jump around between shadows to get to the end of a level, but you can manipulate things the shadows are attached to help create more shadows. Learn more about SCHiM here.

Fox and Frog Travelers: The Demon of Adashino Island

Two indie Japanese titles are shown, starting with Fox and Frog Travelers: The Demon of Adashino Island. The 3D title based on Japanese folklore looks a little like pre-rendered PS1 RPGs, but with a unique visual hook. It is planned for release “in a few years.”

Goodbye World

The second Japanese indie title is Goodbye World, a Mother-inspired RPG about game developers in Japan. It’s so dedicated to invoking SNES and GBA titles that it even renders in a resolution close to those consoles. It’s due to be out on PC later this year.


Birth, from solo developer Madison Karrh, is about moving to a new city and living alone there. The protagonist character is lonely, so they decide to create a partner to ease that loneliness by collecting spare bones and organs to assemble together. You can read more about Birth right here. No date or platforms were given, though it does have a Steam page which indicates an Autumn 2022 release.

How to Say Goodbye

In How to Say Goodbye, the player character has died and is struggling to accept their death. As part of the puzzle gameplay, you help other ghosts find what they’re missing by manipulating the environment to give them whatever will help them accept their own death as you figure out your own. You can read more about How to Say Goodbye right here. It comes to Steam later this year.

Little Nemo and the Guardians of Slumberland

Finally, the stream ends with a small video presentation of Little Nemo and the Guardians of Slumberland. Fans of Capcom’s NES Little Nemo, which itself was based on an early century American comic strip and then children’s cartoon, might want to give the game a look.

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Author: Deann Hawkins