Here’s Everything Shown at the May 11 Nintendo Indie World Stream

Here's Everything Shown at the May 11 Nintendo Indie World Stream

It’s time for another Nintendo Indie World Showcase. The company held a roughly 20-minute-long presentation to spotlight upcoming independent games coming to Nintendo Switch. If you missed the live stream and would like to watch the showcase, you can do that right here, but for everyone else, keep scrolling to read our recap.

Kicking off the show was farming simulator/creature collection game Ooblets, which is finally coming to Switch after being exclusively on PC and Xbox since it launched in 2020.  It will come to Nintendo’s system this summer.
Batora: Lost Haven is up next, a story-driven action RPG by Stormind Games will come to Switch this fall.
Puzzle-platformer ElecHead, a game developed solely by Nama Takahashi, is coming to Switch, and its entire loop is based on your character detaching their head from their body to accomplish other tasks. It’ll be on Switch this summer.
Soundfall, a rhythm-based dungeon crawler, brings you action to the beat of over 140 songs in its soundtrack. So Crypt of the Necrodancer, but more anime. It’s available later today.
Wildfrost is a deck builder from Deadpan Games all about trying to find a way to stop an endless winter and the monsters who thrive in its frigid cold. It will be on Switch this holiday.
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, a silly, wobbly battle simulator where you can create characters from different eras in world history and make them fight with the dexterity of a child’s toy, will be available on Switch this summer.
Gunbrella, a “noir punk” side-scrolling action game is based all around the titular Gunbrella weapon, which can be used as a gun for combat, or an umbrella to glide. It’s coming to Switch next year.
We Are OFK made an appearance on the Nintendo Indie World showcase. The musical adventure game is coming to Switch episodically this summer.
SILT, an underwater puzzle and exploration game is up next, and it looks extremely spooky, especially if you’re terrified of underwater stuff to begin with. Like me. It’s coming to Switch next month.
Mini Motorways, a city/roadbuilder is all about handling congestion in cities by creating road maps in the midst of the city’s citizens just trying to drive around and live their lives. It will be available on Switch later today.
Wayward Strand, a narrative game from Ghost Pattern, is about a teen journalist who seeks out stories in a hospital. All of these stories play out in real time, so you’ll have to manage your time to see everything. It’s coming to Switch on July 21.
Cult of the Lamb was a game I heard nothing but staggeringly positive things about a PAX East, to the point where I didn’t even get to play the game myself because so many people were lined up to play and show floor space was so limited there weren’t enough demoes. It’s coming to Switch later this year.
Souls-like Another Crab’s Treasure is bringing the weighty, difficult action gameplay of a Souls-like to a more “approachable” place, while also getting rid of all the nasty beasties you’d expect in something from FromSoftware. It’s coming to Switch in 2023.
Lastly was a montage of several indie games coming to Switch that didn’t get their own segment. This included: OneShot: World Machine Edition (summer), Gibbon: Beyond the Trees (available today), Idol Manager (August 25), Card Shark (demo available today), Cursed to Golf (summer), A Guidebook of Babel (fall), Opus: Echo of Starsong – Full Bloom Edition (available today).

Author: Deann Hawkins