Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Trailer In March Rumors Point To PlayStation Event

Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Trailer In March Rumors Point To PlayStation Event

Harry Potter fans might be happy to hear recent rumors suggesting that a brand new trailer for Hogwarts Legacy will be revealed this month.

Leaks and rumors suggest that a new Hogwarts Legacy could be coming this month, ushering in new information about the highly anticipated title. The Harry Potter spin-off RPG was officially announced at a PlayStation 5 event with a short trailer, and statements from Warner Bros. boast a 2022 release date for Hogwarts Legacy.

The leadup to Hogwarts Legacy has been somewhat interesting. Despite the fact that Warner Bros. seems to be sticking to a 2022 release, very little is known about this title. Its initial reveal back in 2020 confirmed long-running rumors of a Hogwarts-based RPG taking place before Harry Potter’s time at the wizarding school and even included what looked like some gameplay. In the almost two years following that event, though, there has yet to be any new gameplay footage released to the public, with the game’s developers being mostly tight-lipped about the project. Three months into 2022, many fans are surely wondering what this soon-to-be-released game could look like, especially when considering rumors of a more specific Hogwarts Legacy release date.


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That extra info could be coming in the next few weeks or even days, as leak Twitter account AccountNGT claims. AccountNGT Tweeted today that a “reliable source” informed them that a new trailer would be coming this month. GamesRadar echoes this claim, reporting that statements from a former Hogwarts Legacy developer hint at a new video in a few days. While not confirming or denying the rumors, the former developer stated that the “timing seems about right” based on what he knows about the development schedule. A PlayStation State of Play for March has also been rumored, so it’s not too great a leap to imagine that this trailer will be part of that event.

Another reliable source that I have also confirmed to me that a new trailer for Hogwarts Legacy will be released this month. I guess now it’s not a secret.

— AccountNGT (@accngt) March 7, 2022

Because there is so little known about this title, there is a lot that anxious fans can speculate about while waiting for this supposed trailer. Other recent leaks regarding Hogwarts Legacy hint at a number of things, including dungeons and an open-world inspired by Breath of the Wild. Aside from new details, there are surely many who will want more clarification about confirmed inclusions like the character creator and assorted RPG elements.

Due to the rampant speculation and large number of unconfirmed features, it might be wise for Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. to release at least one new trailer soon. Hype can cause major damage to games, as evidenced by disastrous launches like Cyberpunk 2077, so it’s important for video game companies to keep expectations in check by being transparent. Hopefully, this long wait is the result of lots of hard work and passion being poured into Hogwarts Legacy rather than development problems.

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Source: AccountNGT/Twitter, GamesRadar

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