How Colman Domingo Helped Bring Back Madison Clark

How Colman Domingo Helped Bring Back Madison Clark

Actor Colman Domingo (Victor Strand) details how he helped orchestrate Madison’s upcoming return to Fear the Walking Dead in season 7 part 2.

Colman Domingo revealed how he helped bring about Kim Dickens’ return as Madison Clark in Fear the Walking Dead. Both Madison and the actor who brings her to life were foundational to the Walking Dead spin-off series. Madison appeared in the first four seasons of Fear the Walking Dead before seemingly being killed off. Her last scene saw her sacrificing herself to a massive hoard of zombies to allow everyone else to escape, however, her death was never shown on screen, making it possible that she survived the events of the episode.

The lack of visual confirmation caused theories surrounding Madison’s return to pop up and petitions to be made. After waiting over three years, audiences were overjoyed to hear that Dickens would be reprising her role as Madison. The character was confirmed to feature in the second half of Fear the Walking Dead season 7 before being bumped back up to a series regular in season 8, quickly reassuring fans that her reappearance wasn’t merely for something like a flashback.


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During an interview with ComicBook, Domingo says that he helped to orchestrate Madison’s return to Fear the Walking Dead. Upon hearing chatter about Madison while working as Victor Strand for the series, Domingo immediately contacted Dickens to inform her that the creators were trying to see how interested she was in coming back. Throughout the process, Domingo assured Dickens that the entire crew was supportive and aided both the creators and Dickens strategize to help ease her return. Read the full quote below:

I was very instrumental in Kim coming back… She’s not only my best friend, such a great colleague, but also knew that the showrunners, I was doing the showrunners’ bidding, to be very honest. I wanted to make sure that Kim knew that she was going to be well cared for when it comes to story, and coming back to a show that she helped build from the ground up. I wanted to make sure that she knew that not only the cast and the crew, and the show owners and producers, that we’ve got her back. We wanted her to know that she can flex here. She can stretch here, that there’ll be great creative there for her, which is all any good artist really wants, is the creativity to be on point and there to be a reason for her return and I know that I was instrumental in making sure that I’m bridging that gap. So I was very excited [about Dickens’ return] after many late-night phone calls and strategizing and figuring it out on both sides.

Kim Dickens as Madison Clark in Fear the Walking Dead

While fans are ecstatic to have her back, Madison’s return does bring about some questions, the most important being why it has taken so long in the first place The Fear The Walking Dead season 7 part 2 trailer asks just as many questions as it answers. In their first look at the character since her supposed demise back in season 4, fans see Madison struggle towards a chair before being interrogated through a speaker. After telling the voice her name, Madison is given an ominous reply: “We will tell you who you are going to be from now on.” This suggests that Madison was stopped from coming back by whoever is behind the mysterious voice but doesn’t tell viewers why.

The Walking Dead universe is often dangerous, and it seems like Madison has found herself in a lot of trouble for this upcoming season. Fear the Walking Dead’s next episode is just around the corner, so hopefully, audiences won’t have to wait long before finding out what happened to this fan-favorite character. With the overwhelmingly positive reaction, its fair to say that fans are grateful Domingo helped ensure Madison’s return to Fear the Walking Dead.

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Source: ComicBook

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