How Each Character Compares To Their Mythological Counterparts

How Each Character Compares To Their Mythological Counterparts

Following the epic season finale of Disney+’s Moon Knight, there is already anticipation for a second season of the Marvel series. The first season of the series introduced some titular characters at the center of the superhero action drama that provides the viewers with a look into the Egyptian mythology of some well-known gods and goddesses.

From Marc Spector being the avatar for the Egyptian god Khonshu to the goddesses Taweret and Ammit making an appearance, Moon Knight did not shy away from actively encompassing these ancient figures in the series and the series characters.


Khonshu in Moon Knight

Throughout Marvel’s Moon Knight, viewers follow the journey of Marc Spector coming to terms with his Dissociative Identity Disorder. As Moon Knight progresses, viewers are introduced to Khonshu, the god of the moon and time.


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In Egyptian mythology, Khonshu was known as a protector of not only those of noble blood but also the common people as well. He appeared as a mummy holding the crook and flail with a uraeus disc on his head just as he is in the series, only the uraeus disc is showcased at the end of the crook.

Seen as a healing deity in mythology, Khonshu doesn’t lose his healing properties in Moon Knight, protecting Marc from multiple bullets and life-threatening injuries. He and Marc have sworn an oath to protect those of the night and the innocent which goes back to him being a protective entity in mythology. They’ve each vowed to protect and that’s exactly what they do throughout the series, even though some of their methods are violent.


Moon Knight Episode 5 Taweret Hippo Goddess

In one of the most unexpected developments in Moon Knight, viewers are introduced to the goddess Taweret in episode 5 “Asylum.” She’s introduced when Marc is killed and sent to the realm of the Duat to balance his scales and reach eternal peace. She’s presented as a non-threatening hippopotamus that’s overly excited to help guide Marc on his journey into the afterlife. Her appearance in the show is on the quirky side, providing some of the funniest quotes in Moon Knight.

Known as the goddess of women and children in both the series and ancient Egyptian mythology, Taweret was thought to come in many forms with one of them being a hippopotamus. Considered an important goddess alongside Isis and Hathor, Taweret was seen as a protective deity of children and women during childbirth, taking high priority over the protection of these individuals. In Egyptian mythology, the female hippopotamus was observed as extremely protective and caring.

Her character in the series reflects her mythological origins in the sense that she is eager to help and aid in protecting those in need like Marc, Layla, and the whole world from Ammit. Taweret saw it as her duty to make sure the vulnerable had a fighting chance and this is showcased in the series as it was in mythology, minus the children and childbirth.


Ammit with her head cocked in Moon Knight

The second antagonist of the series, Ammit is presented as an evil and monstrous deity that devours hearts and the dead. In the series, Ammit is entombed and trapped in a secret location because of her greed to judge souls deemed unworthy even before they’ve committed any evil.

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Like the series character’s mythological origins, Ammit judges souls by the balance of their scales and if found unworthy, these souls would lose their chance at a blissful life in the field of reeds. She would sit beneath the scales of justice in the Hall Of Truth and devour the souls that were deemed unworthy by Osiris, however, this was altered a bit in the Marvel series.

Both herself and Harrow saw their judgment as being the only way to decipher between good and evil, with no thought given to Osiris as being the only one to pass judgment and deem a soul as unworthy. Ammit seeks to judge the world through her very own form of justice and this stands for the show’s depiction and her mythological origins. Harrow and Ammit we’re in one accord with their beliefs, making Harrow the perfect avatar for Ammit.


Marvel Moon Knight Episode 3 Hathor Avatar

When Marc, Steven, and Khonshu must convince the other gods that Harrow is a danger to the world and is trying to resurrect Ammit, they are summoned to a council with the Ennead inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Ennead on the show consists of the gods and goddesses of Osiris, Horus, Tefnut, Isis, and Hathor.

Hathor and her avatar Yatzil are introduced in episode 3 of the series and are the goddess of music and love. Like her avatar, Hathor is soft-spoken and kind. She’s the only one of the gods to show kindness toward Marc in his quest to stop Harrow. In Egyptian mythology, Hathor was originally a deity sent by her mother Ra to destroy humanity for their sins. However, she was turned into a loving and benevolent goddess by her mother under the instruction of the other gods.

Her character in the show and mythology brings joy to those in life and the afterlife through music, love, and her caring nature. She shows kindness toward Marc for his struggles and wishes him success in his mission to stop Harrow.


Moon Knight Osiris Avatar

Leader of the Ennead and one of the most powerful Heliopolis gods in Marvel comics, Osiris is the god of all things and the underworld. Osiris is played by Khalid Abdalla whose best TV role outside of Moon Knight is Hanna. Osiris resides as head of the court and determined the fate of kings when they died. His rule and word were final in mythology and the same can be said in the Moon Knight series.

Like the series character, in Egyptian mythology, Osiris led the other gods in the most important decision-making. He holds the cards in who reaches the afterlife and who he allows into the underworld. In the series, Osiris and his avatar Selim are in charge of the other gods and he makes the overall decision of whether to take Marc’s warning of Harrow seriously.

In mythology, Osiris is one of the most important gods during this time and the character in Moon Knight definitely has an aura of importance that doesn’t go unnoticed. The series does a great job of incorporating Osiris into the show without overly involving him in the story’s plot. He’s the Lord of the Underworld in both the series and mythology and although he is killed by his brother Set, he seemingly meets his demise at the hands of Harrow in the series.

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