How Jack Sparrow Could Return, According To Reddit

How Jack Sparrow Could Return, According To Reddit

Captain Jack’s return to the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise has become a hotly discussed topic among fans, with a former Disney executive having recently expressed his belief that Johnny Depp will return (Via People). The star’s much publicised legal battle with Amber Heard has reignited interest in his iconic character’s potential comeback, with audiences eager to witness Captain Jack’s latest marine adventure.

The mischievous pirate’s drunken mishaps have entertained viewers throughout the Pirates movies, leaving many moviegoers hopeful for his possible appearance in the series’ sixth entry. Reddit, in particular, has demonstrated much enthusiasm for the character’s inclusion in the next film, with users having shared their unique ideas for Jack’s next sea voyage.


10 The Holy Grail

Jack Sparrow is looking determined in front of a blue background, and next to the Holy Grail from Indiana Jones.

Mystical artifacts play a key role within the swashbuckling franchise, with Jack’s travels having seen him search the Caribbean for various mythical objects, such as the Trident of Poseidon and the Fountain Of Youth. One keen Redditor has suggested the pirate’s next quest should be for the Holy Grail, in a “fun little adventure” which involves him fighting the legendary Fisher King.

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The Holy Grail could prove the perfect catalyst for Jack’s next story, with the mysterious trinket’s whereabouts having intrigued historians for many years. The cup’s supposed supernatural capabilities would also be the ideal fit for the more heightened elements of the Pirates franchise, with the Grail said to provide eternal youth to its owner.

9 Jack’s Younger Days

Young Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 5

Captain Jack Sparrow is regarded by fans as the best Pirates Of The Caribbean character, with his rather animated behavior entertaining many audiences over the years. Reddit poster Matt007077 has expressed his interest in seeing the pirate’s younger days, believing his idea to be “not too far-fetched.”

The Pirates franchise has precedent for exploring Jack Sparrow’s past, with Dead Men Tell No Tales having told the story behind his initial encounter with Salazar, prior to the events of the movie. Additionally, there are still many aspects of Jack’s life yet to be explored, such as his first meeting with the soothsayer Tia Dalma, which would provide some fascinating backstory for the Caribbean’s most notorious pirate.

8 Return Of The Kraken

Captain Jack Sparrow fights the Kraken

Over the course of the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies, Jack Sparrow has fought several supernatural threats, including a crew of skeleton pirates and mermaids,  but one of his most iconic encounters concerns his battle against the Kraken. Reddit user GreenMilkIsFresh believes it’s time for a rematch between the pirate and the legendary sea creature, describing it as “the one movie I’d be excited to see.”

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The Kraken would prove a worthy foe for Captain Jack’s long-anticipated return, with the sea beast having previously come close to ending Jack’s life. However, while the Kraken’s reemergence could lead to some fun scenes, how the marine animal could return appears somewhat unclear, with the creature’s dead body having last been glimpsed on the shores of Black Sand Beach.

7 Barbossa’s Return

Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa with spy glasses

Portrayed by Geoffrey Rush, Barbossa has delivered some of Pirates Of The Caribbean’s best quotes. The former captain of the Black Pearl has proven a favorite among fans, with Reddit’s MichaelMyers221 hoping for his inclusion in the sixth film, although he doubts “Geoffrey Rush would be down” for a return appearance.

Barbossa has acted as both an enemy and ally for Jack during the Pirates franchise, and their complicated relationship gives plenty of interesting avenues for the series’ creative team to explore. The captain’s greedy tendencies could put him at odds with Johnny Depp’s iconic pirate once more, as the pair race to acquire the latest treasure which captures their attention. However, Barbossa’s return in the next Pirates entry seems unlikely, with the fearless pirate having sacrificed his life to save his daughter from Salazar’s clutches.

6 Captain Jack Retires

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl

Captain Jack’s life at sea has appeared somewhat chaotic throughout the famous Disney franchise, with the pirate having come to blows with some of the Caribbean’s most notorious villains, such as Blackbeard and Armando Salazar. His rather hectic lifestyle has left Reddit poster NewClayburn wondering if Jack should retire from pirate duties, humorously suggesting he should open “a candy factory,” in reference to Johnny Depo’s iconic role as Willy Wonka.

With Jack having devoted so much of his life to piracy, a version of the character who is no longer operating as a pirate would be fascinating to see. While this may appear to go against Jack Sparrow’s personality, this unique narrative would offer writers the chance to explore a different side to Johnny Depp’s bumbling pirate, as he attempts to lead a quiet life away from the high seas.

5 Davy Jones’ Revenge

Captain Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean

Debuting in Dead Man’s Chest, Davy Jones is responsible for some of Pirates Of The Caribbean’s best quotes. Jack Sparrow’s deadly adversary has plagued the lives of the pirate and his friends, with Davy Jones’ curse having left a significant impact on Will Turner in particular, and Reddit’s Mosin1891 believes he should feature as the main villain of the sixth movie, as he “seeks revenge upon Captain Jack Sparrow.”

Davy Jones’ return seems highly probable, with Dead Men Tell No Tales’ post-credits scene having teased the nefarious being’s reemergence. With Jack having played a key role in his initial defeat, Davy Jones is likely to seek vengeance against his arch-nemesis, as he aims to destroy the pirate and his loyal crew for bringing an end to his reign of terror across the high seas.

4 Jack’s Pirate Avengers

Johnny Depp should return according to one Pirates of the Caribbean Actor

The Pirates Of The Caribbean series has featured a vast cast of beloved characters, who have joined Jack on his many adventures. Reddit poster PretenderNX01 would like to see the franchise expand further on these individuals’ lives, describing how he imagines Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 ”being like the Avengers.”

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An Avengers-inspired Pirates movie could make for a truly epic installment, as Jack enlists some of the series’ most popular individuals to take on a gigantic threat. Furthermore, this ambitious concept could help pave the way for a variety of spin-offs, introducing a gigantic shared universe to the Pirates Of The Caribbean saga.

3 One Last Adventure

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean

Jack’s sea voyages have seen him become embroiled in many dangerous scrapes, as he seeks various mythical treasures. While the mischievous pirate has emerged from these perilous journeys triumphant, Reddit’s Matt007077 thinks it’s time for Jack to “go out in a blaze of glory.”

Matt007077’s idea could bring a fitting conclusion to Jack’s story, with the Redditor detailing how his final actions result in him being “known for his legend.” This highly engaging concept would allow the franchise’s creative team to bring Jack’s adventures to a natural end, as he embarks on one last marine battle with his crew.


1 Jack Becomes The Flying Dutchman’s Captain

The Flying Dutchman has seen a few of the most determined captains at its helm, with Davy Jones and Will Turner having both commandeered the spooky ship. Reddit user TheLongRoadBack has suggested the sixth film should see a new captain take the ship’s helm, with Jack Sparrow commandeering the mighty vessel.

Jack becoming the Flying Dutchman’s new captain would provide an emotional climax to the character’s swashbuckling adventures, with those who sail the ghost ship cursed to only return to shore once every ten years. TheLongRoadBack also suggests that the film should introduce “a young infant-age daughter” for Jack, which could lead to some of the franchise’s saddest scenes for the Flying Dutchman’s potential new captain, as he tearfully waves his young daughter goodbye to ferry the souls of the dead into the afterlife.

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