How Katie & Tom’s Lack of ‘Intimacy’ Led To Split

How Katie & Tom's Lack of 'Intimacy' Led To Split

Amid news of Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney’s divorce, there’s reports of a lack of “intimacy” led to the Vanderpump Rules couples’ split.

Amid news of Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney’s divorce, insiders are revealing how a lack of “intimacy” led to the Vanderpump Rules couples’ split. After weeks of fan speculation, it was confirmed that Tom and Katie called it quits. The pair had the longest-lasting relationship on the show. But they were reportedly “struggling” to make things work for some time.

Tom and Katie allowed the cameras to capture their 2016 wedding. All hands were on deck as the SUR staff came together to celebrate Tom and Katie’s nuptials. They were boyfriend and girlfriend when the spin-off started. Two years later, they got engaged and tied the knot a few years later. Through many ups and downs that were shared on the show, Tom and Katie always were able to put their differences aside and make their marriage work. But as their friends started families, it looks like Tom and Katie were only growing further apart.


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After 12 years together, Katie and Tom announced their split on Tuesday. But it was reportedly a long time coming due to the lack of “intimacy” in their relationship that had been plaguing them “for quite a while,” a source told People. Tom and Katie were trying to make things work but insiders say they became more like “terrific roommates” rather than husband and wife. While they are still “a part of each other’s lives” despite the breakup, Tom and Katie are going their separate ways. It was their different plans for the future that led to the breakup with Tom wanting “more flexibility with his life” and Katie wanting “more of a traditional marriage.”

With over a decade together, Tom and Katie weren’t willing to let go of their marriage so easily. “They tried for long to make it work,” a source told Us Weekly. But over time, Tom and Katie couldn’t deny that they were “struggling as a couple these past few months,” the insider added, noting how they “got into a lot of arguments” before deciding to divorce. The bickering was a normal thing for Katie and Tom over the years. The couple had even complained about their lack of intimacy on the show. But when all of their friends started settling down and having babies, fans assumed Tom and Katie were next in line.

Katie has shared her journey to conceive and how she and Tom had been trying. Their current and past co-stars have expressed their sympathy with the breakup. But with them having so many mutual friends, it’ll be hard for Tom and Katie to avoid each other. Many Vanderpump Rules fans are hoping they reconcile. They might just need some time apart to reignite the lack of intimacy that ended Tom and Katie’s marriage.

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Source: People, Us Weekly

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