How Powerful Ms Marvel Is Compared To Captain Marvel

How Powerful Ms Marvel Is Compared To Captain Marvel

Ms. Marvel introduces Kamala Khan to the MCU, a hero who idolizes Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel. But how do the two characters’ power levels match up?

Warning! This article contains minor spoilers for Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel is the latest MCU Disney+ show and introduces Kamala Khan to the universe, a character who idolizes Captain Marvel, but just how do these characters compare in terms of power level? Ms. Marvel episode 1 sets up a lot about Kamala’s character, from her school and family life to her fandom of the Avengers. However, the main thing the show lays the foundations for in its premiere is Kamala’s intense fangirling of Captain Marvel.

Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel, was first teased in the MCU in Avengers: Infinity War’s end-credits scene, before her debut film and appearance in Avengers: Endgame. The character is shaping up to be one of the central Avengers leading into the rest of Phase 4 and beyond, with The Marvels releasing in 2023. The Marvels is also confirmed to feature Kamala Khan, following on from the events of Ms. Marvel.


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This only makes Kamala’s fandom of Captain Marvel all the better, knowing her character will eventually interact with her biggest idol. One other thing Ms. Marvel episode 1 sets up is Kamala’s power base, being slightly changed from the comics to link with Carol Danvers’ more cosmic powers. However, despite the two characters being very connected going forward, the differences in power levels are worth exploring.

How Powerful Captain Marvel Is In The MCU

Firstly, it is worth noting that Ms. Marvel hasn’t fully explored the depths of Ms. Marvel’s MCU powers yet. Captain Marvel is a character who has been in the MCU for a while now, meaning more is known about how powerful she is in comparison to other Avengers. However, from both the comics and what is known about both characters, as well as what is presented in the MCU thus far, a comparison between the powers of two of the three Marvels can be made.

Captain Marvel’s powers come directly from an Infinity Stone, the Tesseract, a.k.a. the Space Stone. Because of this, Captain Marvel is immensely powerful. From the typical superhero abilities to fly, and have super strength and durability, to the ability to shoot out powerful photon blasts, Captain Marvel is easily one of the most powerful superheroes in the MCU, able to take on Thanos by herself. Also, it is worth mentioning that Captain Marvel, outside of her regular abilities listed above, is able to take on a binary form that channels all her power. Using this form, Captain Marvel is nearly unstoppable, committing feats such as destroying Ronan’s fleet and Thanos’ ship in Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame, respectively.

Ms. Marvel’s MCU Powers Explained

ms marvel trailer cosmic powers

Kamala’s powers, on the other hand, are unlocked by an old bracelet sent by her grandma. This bracelet seemingly awakens Kamala’s powers, which give her similar-but-different cosmic abilities to her MCU idol. Kamala gains the power to create crystallized, cosmic barriers that can be used in a variety of ways. From allowing her to walk on thin air to creating energy blasts and crystalized shields, and allowing her to embiggen her limbs like her comic-book counterpart, the MCU version of Kamala’s powers were revealed in Ms. Marvel episode 1. While the decision to change Kamala’s powers was met with some controversy, it makes sense to link her to Captain Marvel through cosmic abilities given her appearance in The Marvels in 2023. This brings into question then, how the two compare in terms of power level.

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Is Ms. Marvel More Powerful Than Captain Marvel?

Why Ms Marvel is so obsessed with captain marvel

Given how powerful Carol Danvers has been presented as in the MCU up to this point, and how Kamala’s full potential hasn’t yet been fully realized, it is clear that Ms. Marvel pales in comparison to Captain Marvel’s power levels. However, it is worth noting that, as Ms. Marvel will be a central character in The Marvels, her power level could be significantly increased so that she can work alongside Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau without being overshadowed. Also, if Kamala’s MCU abilities take on that of her comic counterparts, she will have similarities to Captain Marvel, despite Carol’s MCU Infinity Stone powers, by having superhuman strength and durability. Another comic book power Kamala has is an enhanced regenerative healing power, something Captain Marvel doesn’t possess. Granted, this is due to the latter’s near invulnerability, however, it is still an ability Kamala has over her hero. While Ms. Marvel certainly has powers of her own that make her a hero in her own right, it is safe to say that Captain Marvel is still more powerful than her future protege, given how she is more powerful than almost every other MCU hero. Whether further powers will be explored in the remaining episodes of Ms. Marvel remains to be seen, but Kamala Khan is certainly proving to be a worthy MCU hero in her own right.

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New episodes of Ms. Marvel release every Wednesday on Disney+.

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