How to Beat Slaughterspine (Boss Guide)

How to Beat Slaughterspine (Boss Guide)

During the Main Quest, “GEMINI,” in Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy must take down a Slaughterspine, a machine weak different types of ammo.

One challenging boss that players must face in Horizon Forbidden West is the Slaughterspine, a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex-like machine with a flexible tail. Aloy will encounter this beast during the Main Quest, “GEMINI,” during which she must face the Slaughterspine within a large dome-shaped arena. Players must take advantage of the open space by laying down traps whenever they gain distance from the machine boss in Horizon Forbidden West.

The battle will start with the Slaughterspine standing still while beginning to charge its Plasma attack. Players should immediately take this time to prepare by scanning the machine for weak points and setting up traps within the vicinity. The Slaughterspine are vulnerable to Purgewater damage, making Purgewater Traps very effective for battle. Additionally, frost attacks such as Freeze Arrows or firing with the Frost Blastsling are strong against this machine and can deal bonus damage once the boss is frozen. Players can also use the Chillwater Drum to freeze the Slaughterspine.


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The Slaughterspine boss isn’t as tanky as a machine like Tremortusk, yet it can damage a devastating amount if players get too close, particularly with its charged Plasma attacks. While it is pulsing with Plasma, players are advised to keep their distance and gradually build up its Frost Element by firing projectiles from afar in Horizon Forbidden West. Once fully charged, it will unleash an ear-piercing roar and fire Plasma bolts within its immediate vicinity.

Defeating a Slaughterspine in Horizon Forbidden West

When the Slaughterspine closes the distance with Aloy, stop attacking instantly and dodge away. The boss has several deadly tail swipes that have a far reach despite being a close-ranged melee attack. Occasionally, it will perform a leap attack on the Aloy. Players can recognize this attack whenever its red eyes flash to strike even though it is relatively far off. Another attack players should be wary of is the Slaughterspine’s ranged Plasma ray, during which it will spew a concentrated beam of Plasma from its mouth at Aloy.

Players are advised to forbear using arrows or attacks that deal with Fire, Shock, Acid, or Plasma Damage, as the Slaughterspine is resistant to such attacks. It can Plasma-charge several times during the fight, increasing its damage and attack variations in Horizon Forbidden West. Therefore, players must attempt to take down the boss as quickly as possible, as the machine will become more challenging as time passes. Additionally, if Aloy manages to shoot off an offensive component off its body, such as its Spinetail Lancer, she can use it as an effective weapon in battle.

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Horizon Forbidden West is available on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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