How To Complete the Battle Lines Triumph in Destiny 2

How To Complete the Battle Lines Triumph in Destiny 2

The Battle Lines Triumph in Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted is part of the Reaper title. Players must defeat a Loyalist force and their commander.

Battle Lines is a new Triumph in Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted and requires the defeat of a group of Calus’ Loyalists. They can be found onboard the Derelict Leviathan and are part of a Public Event. This means completing the Triumph can be challenging to find due to the random nature of these activities. The in-game description for Battle Lines reads, “Defeat a Loyalist force defending their territory, and bring down their commander.” This Public Event in Destiny 2 occurs in the Derelict Leviathan’s Pleasure Gardens.

The Battle Lines Triumph is part of a larger Triumph called A Guardian Is A Guardian, Even In A Nightmare. Completion of these achievements is necessary to earn the seasonal Reaper title. The Pleasure Gardens can be reached by heading north from the Castellum Landing Zone and turning right after the third unlit brazier. There is a tunnel leading further into the ship, down some flights of stairs. Once inside the Pleasure Gardens, players will need to look for massive Cabal shield domes, similar to those found in Battleground activities.


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Like the Controlled Burn Triumph in Destiny 2, Guardians will receive a message before Battle Lines starts that reads, “Loyalist Sentinels have fortified a position.” Unfortunately, there is no way to force the Public Event to spawn, so players just need to kill targets in the area and wait. Alternatively, moving to a different part of the ship and back again will reset the map instance, possibly raising the likelihood of finding the Loyalists. There are, luckily, multiple parts to the Public Event, lowering the chances of missing out on an already started activity.

Earning The Battle Lines Triumph In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Battle Lines Triumph

Upon receiving the message, a Cabal dome will spawn in the upper right corner of the map. Guardians in Destiny 2 are unable to shoot through the shield and must destroy the generators on the inside. After clearing out the Loyalists, a second dome will appear near the first location. Once that threat is dealt with, a final shield will spawn on the opposite side of the area. All three generators must be destroyed before the Loyalist Sentinel Commander appears. There will be plenty of Solar shields, so using Solar abilities or weapons in this activity is ideal.

As soon as the Loyalist Sentinel Commander is defeated, Guardians will earn the Battle Lines Triumph. As an additional reward, players will gain a reputation for the Crown of Sorrows and a loot chest. This will give an additional chance of finding Destiny 2’s new Opulent Keys. The Battle Lines Public Event may be hard to find, but the Season of the Haunted ends in August, giving Guardians plenty of time to achieve the Reaper title.

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Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia platforms.

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