How to Complete the Leviathan Chests Seasonal Challenge in Destiny 2

How to Complete the Leviathan Chests Seasonal Challenge in Destiny 2

Every week, Destiny 2 presents players with a new set of seasonal challenges to complete. These reward XP, Bright Dust, and occasionally other items, and they can range from trivial to tricky to complete. The week two challenge of Season of the Haunted, “Leviathan Chests,” isn’t hard to achieve, but it is time-consuming. It’s also a little confusing, with only certain chests counting towards completion. Here’s the best way to knock it out.

You’ll need to open 75 world chests on the Derelict Leviathan to complete the Leviathan Chests seasonal challenge in Destiny 2. What counts as a world chest? Opulent chests don’t, and neither do drops from powerful combatants. You’re looking for the chests that spawn across the patrol area of the Leviathan like in other open areas, but there’s a problem — there just aren’t that many of them in this relatively-small zone.

Here’s the best way I’ve found to complete the challenge, though it’s going to take you some time. Slap an Expert Tracker mod on your Ghost and start completing Nightmare Containments. After you finish a Tier III event, you should see a message about two lockdowns being lifted in the Castellum. That’s your cue to tour the outer edge of the area, waiting for your mod to pick up a chest indicator. When you find one, head into the nearest alcove, look for a switch, and pull it to open a door, revealing a chest. You can get two of these chests per Tier III Nightmare Containment completion. (One of these alcoves also contains a Calus Bobblehead.)

Leviathan Chests Seasonal Challenge Destiny 2

Like I said, this isn’t going to be quick. At 75 chests required, it’s going to take you 38 full Nightmare Containments to complete the challenge, and it only grants you a small experience bonus. It seems a little odd that this one challenge is so time-consuming to complete, but remember that you have all season to do it. Besides, if you’re going for the Reaper Seal, then you’ll need to bind Nightmares after 50 Tier III Nightmare Containments anyway.

So, is it worth completing the Leviathan Chests seasonal challenge in Destiny 2? You only get a small amount of XP for doing it, but you’ll also be racking up reputation with the Crown of Sorrow, the seasonal vendor. If you’re gunning for completing 72 of Season of the Haunted’s seasonal challenges, this one is also relatively easy to finish — though again, it is going to take you a while.

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Author: Deann Hawkins