How to Craft & Blueprint Location

How to Craft & Blueprint Location

The No Man’s Sky Hermetic Seal blueprint is found quite early on in any normal save. You just need to follow the in-game objectives and know what to do! For those still struggling to find this vital material, or if you need a refresher, we’ve got your back. The process has changed over time after all — as No Man’s Sky continues to hit us with major updates that completely overhaul how to get through the game. The process for getting your first Hermetic Seal and the Hermetic Seal blueprint is totally different in 2022 than it was at launch. So let’s take a look at the latest method and figure out where to go!

As a quick side note, most of this guide focuses on how to get the Hermetic Seal in a normal save. Yet the process is sometimes different if you’re playing an Expedition! For those looking to get a Hermetic Seal blueprint in No Many’s Sky Expedition 7: Leviathan, we have a guide to the entire event mission for you to peruse. That way you can (hopefully) get your Leviathan frigate for all future saves.

If you don’t want to read that whole guide, however, the gist is that you need to die. The Hermetic Seal blueprint is unlocked via the Milestone called “Iterate / Repeat.” This simply requires the player to die once (we suggest fall damage since that’s the quickest method on Survival difficulty). After which the Milestone is permanently unlocked on all future timeloops. Again, this is for the Leviathan Expedition, where permadeath is a factor. You will need to click on the “Iterate / Repeat” Milestone every single time you die to regain the Hermetic Seal blueprint in that mode.

For non-Expedition No Man’s Sky saves, however, getting a Hermetic Seal is a bit less… harrowing. You just need to follow the story objectives until you reach your starship. The game will then task you with repairing your starship — including its damaged Pulse Engine. This component requires exactly one Hermetic Seal. Though other devices and components will require more as you play through the game.

No Man's Sky Hermetic Seal 2022

In previous versions of No Man’s Sky, the next step required you to use a Signal Booster. That is no longer the case. Simply step outside your ship and interact with the damaged transmission device (the broken white orb on the ground in front of you). It will dispense your very first Planetary Chart. This is a consumable item that appears in your inventory. Normally, different types of charts can be used to find different types of structures, like Alien Monoliths and Portals. Yet this Planetary Chart will always take you to the exact same sort of location: an abandoned building. There you will find one Hermetic Seal and the blueprint to make more.

The tricky part is a scripted event that always occurs during this part of a standard No Man’s Sky save. This is when the game introduces you to the concept of planetary storms. You can reach the abandoned building (where the Hermetic Seal and its blueprint are found) by following the red objective marker on your map. But along the way, you should try using your Scanner to find more Sodium on the ground. Get some Oxygen, too, while you’re at it. This is because a storm will roll in and start burning through your Hazard Protection bar on the bottom-left of the screen. If this runs all the way out, you will start to take damage, and eventually die.

Obviously, we want to avoid that! On the bright side, Sodium can be used to recharge your Hazard Protection. Whereas Oxygen can refill your standard Life Support. Both materials are also needed for important future steps, as well, so it’s not a bad idea to grab it early and often. For example, Oxygen is needed to create Antimatter Housing — which is a vital component in the Warp Cells used to fuel your hyperdrive.

Alternatively, you can just sprint as fast as possible to the abandoned structure. Your Hazard Protection gauge won’t drop while you’re indoors. In fact, it will recharge, allowing you to top off before making the return trip to your ship.

No Man's Sky Hermetic Seal 2022

The Hermetic Seal you need can finally be found by interacting with the damaged Holo-Archive on the wall. Again, your red objective marker should direct your eye in this case. Simply select the dialogue choice that says “Recover supplies” to continue. This will A) provide a single finished Hermetic Seal for you to repair your No Man’s Sky starship with, and B) permanently unlock the blueprint for more Hermetic Seal crafting in your inventory. Just click on any standard, open inventory slot and scroll through your list of crafting options. You will see the Hermetic Seal listed among them; it requires 30 Condensed Carbon to create.

Condensed Carbon can be gathered or crafted yourself, as well. Many of the large, red, jagged crystals across planet surfaces in No Man’s Sky are made from Condensed Carbon. Simply mine them to collect it. Otherwise you can use any type of refiner to turn regular Carbon (found by mining plants) into Condensed Carbon. You can use the Personal Refiner you get from the main story shortly after finding the Hermetic Seal for this purpose. Just open the base-building menu and it should be one of the very first options available for you to construct!

That’s basically all there is to finding and crafting Hermetic Seals in No Man’s Sky. We hoped this helped out those of you struggling to remember where to find the pesky little part. Best of luck in the stars!

Author: Deann Hawkins