How to Earn More Luna Coins

How to Earn More Luna Coins

Little Witch in the Woods has different types of currency, including Luna Coins, which can be used to purchase items from the Witches’ Catalogue.

Luna Coins are one of two types of currencies used to purchase various items in Little Witch in the Woods. While Gold Coins are accepted by all non-witches, Luna Coins can only be used to purchase items from Diane and the Witches’ Catalogue. Selling items for Luna Coins will result in a very small payout. However, there are special quests that Ellie can complete to earn large amounts of Luna Coins at once.

At the beginning of Little Witch in the Woods, players will need to earn Luna Coins in order to obtain the recipe for the Enhance Intellect Potion from Diane. Purchasing the recipe for 10 Luna Coins is necessary to continue progressing through the main story and gain access to Wisteria Village. Additionally, items like the Witch’s Bug Net should be obtained early on, so players should start earning Luna Coins as soon as possible.


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The quickest and easiest way to earn large quantities of Luna Coins is to complete delivery side quests for Diane. Each potion or candy delivery will award players 36 Luna Coins, and the missions are available daily. Once accepted, Ellie will have until 6 pm the following day to complete the delivery and earn the indicated number of Luna Coins. Players can also sell items to Diane, but the delivery quests give a lot more Luna Coins.

What To Buy With Luna Coins In Little Witch In the Woods

Little Witch in the Woods How to Earn More Luna Coins Diane Delivery

Diane has a variety of purchase options available to players with Luna Coins. However, it can be unclear what to spend them on first after purchasing the recipe needed for the main quest. The Witch’s Bug Net in Little Witch in the Woods is an important tool that needs to be used to catch any bug or plant with a net symbol in the encyclopedia. Since the Witch’s Bug net only costs three Luna Coins, it should be one of the first purchases made.

Once the Witch’s Bug Net is purchased, players can continue completing delivery quests to obtain more of Diane’s valuable items. Diane has Witch’s White Chalk available for 25 Luna Coins, but players can find enough of it hidden in the woods without having to purchase any if they’re willing to search for it. After purchasing a few key items, Luna Coins should be used to upgrade Ellie’s potion workshop.

Since the recipe for the Enhance Intellect Potion is needed to remove the prickly vines in Little Witch in the Woods, it’s important to buy it first from Diane. After purchasing the required story items, players can browse Diane’s inventory and buy a few extra recipes or items. Recipes are usually 10 Luna Coins each, so completing one delivery quest will allow players to buy multiple recipes. Luna Coins are a valuable form of currency used in Little Witch in the Woods.

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Little Witch in the Woods is available on Steam in Early Access.

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