How to Farm Purple Crafters’ Scrips in FFXIV: Best Farming Method

How to Farm Purple Crafters' Scrips in FFXIV: Best Farming Method

There wasn’t much need to farm Purple Crafters’ Scrips FFXIV before Patch 6.1. They were (and still are) used to acquire the highest grade of crafting Materia in Endwalker. However, since those largely aren’t necessary for the hellish process of pentamelding, you didn’t need a ton. Now we’ve finally got something new to spend this special currency on anyway: Immutable Solution. This follows in the footsteps of Sublime Solution from Shadowbringers. It’s basically just a simple but very important new crafting material. You can either acquire it from the Market Board — from other players farming Purple Crafters’ Scrips — or buy it directly. So what’s the best way to farm those Purple Crafters’ Scrips in the first place? Let’s take a look!

There are two central methods of acquiring scrips: Custom Deliveries and Rarefied Collectables. You also get some basic scrips from the Crystalline Mean and Studium questlines, but these are one-and-done affairs. You can’t actually farm them. That’s why we’re going to focus on the first two methods instead.

Custom Deliveries – Purple Crafters’ Scrip Farming

Let’s get Custom Deliveries out of the way first. These aren’t quite as limited as the Disciple of the Hand and Land questlines, but they are restricted in other ways. Starting at Level 60 on any Disciple of the Hand, you can start to complete up to 12 — and only up to 12 — Custom Deliveries per week. This allotment resets every Tuesday at the usual weekly reset time (11 a.m. ET / 8 a.m. PT). You can also only complete six orders per Custom Deliveries NPC per week. There are several of these characters scattered throughout the world of Final Fantasy XIV. Each NPC will task you with creating or gathering certain special “Collectable” items similar to the one shown in the image below.

ffxiv collectables scrip farming

Right now, the NPCs themselves are scattered all throughout the world. They each have their own questlines to complete, too, but here are their locations in order of lowest to highest level:

Zhloe Aliapoh – Idyllshire (X: 5.8 Y: 7.0)
M’naago – Rhalgr’s Reach (X: 9.8 Y: 12.5)
Kruenai – Tamamizu (X: 28.3 Y: 15.4 Z: -1.2); note that her questline actually starts in Kugane at (X: 10.1 Y: 9.9)
Adkiragh – Idyllshire (X: 5.8, Y: 7.0)
Kai-Shirr – Eulmore (X: 11.7 Y: 11.7)
Ehll Tou – The Firmament (X:14.2 Y:12.7)
Charlemend – The Firmament (X:8.9, Y:8.4)

A later Endwalker patch is also scheduled to add Ameliance Leveilleur as the expansion’s first Custom Deliveries NPC.

These deliveries require you to make unique Collectables not used anywhere else. Collectable crafting functions almost exactly like regular crafting. Except the “Quality” score is replaced by “Collectability.” The higher your Collectability — as indicated by the colored bars ranging from blue to yellow to green on the crafting window — the more valuable the item is when it comes time to turn it in (either to a Custom Deliveries NPC or a Collectables Appraiser).

There are two nice things about making Collectables for Custom Deliveries in particular. One is that the items required to make delivery items are cheap, unique, and sold by merchants right next to the delivery NPC. “Airship Fittings,” for example, use “Airship Fitting Materials.” These are sold for Gil by the NPC merchant in Eulmore — just a few steps away from Kai-Shirr, who is the NPC that requests this type of item. The second nice thing about Custom Deliveries is that they provide way more XP and Crafters’ Scrips then normal Collectables. That’s especially true if the NPC has a “bonus” for a particular item that week. Bonuses start appearing for Custom Deliveries characters after you level them up to their maximum (by completing enough Custom Deliveries).

Note that you can track these bonuses, your total number of deliveries remaining each week, and the NPCs themselves via the “Timers” section of the Duty menu. Simply click on the Custom Deliveries section near the top, then click on any of the NPCs to see more information. Just like in the image below!

ffxiv custom deliveries

Rarefied Collectables – Purple Crafters’ Scrip Farming

The real way to farm Purple Crafters’ Scrips is with standard Collectables, a.k.a. “Rarefied” items. Unsurprisingly, you find these under the “Collectables” section of your “Special Recipes” tab in the Crafting Log. Unlike Custom Deliveries, these use normal crafting materials acquired all over the world: via crafting, gathering, killing monsters, etc. Most of the Collectables are only worth the lower tier of crafting currency. In the case of Endwalker, that means White Crafters’ Scrips. You need to make and turn in the Level 90 versions of these items to get Purple Crafters’ Scrips. For example, the Rarefied Sykon Bavarois.

We’re not just using this example at random, either. The Rarefied Sykon Bavarois is currently the best way to farm Purple Crafters’ Scrips in FFXIV. Though we should not it specifically requires you to be a fairly decent Culinarian. Since so many high-level Disciples of the Hand are “omnicrafters,” with all of their crafting classes leveled up equally, this shouldn’t be an issue for most. Otherwise you should start leveling up now.

A Brief Note on Leveling Crafters – Purple Crafters’ Scrip Farming

The best way to do that? Assuming you’re at least Level 60 as a Culinarian, starting turning in lower-level Collectables. It’s ones of the easiest ways to level up crafters at the moment. Below Level 60, Levequests and Ixal Tribe quests are your best bet. And don’t forget to check your “Supply and Provisioning” missions at your Grand Company. These refresh daily and provide massive XP to every Disciple of the Hand and Land once every 24 hours. Coincidentally, you can also check your Supply and Provisioning assignments from the Timers menu — just like Custom Deliveries. Last but not least are the aforementioned Crystalline Mean quests (found in The Crystarium) and Studium quests (found in the Studium of Old Sharlayan). In addition to White Crafters’ Scrips, these also provide huge XP boosts to all your noncombat classes.

ffxiv collectables

How & Why You Should Craft Rarefied Sykon Bavarois

Assuming you finished leveling Culinarian to Level 90, or already had one in the first place, it’s time to cook. Literally. Virtually? Whatever. The point is this that you need to start grinding out Rarefied Sykon Bavarois. This is easily the best way to farm Purple Crafters’ Scrips because of the ingredients required. If you look at the recipe above, you’ll notice that only two of the for ingredients have blue arrows next to them. That means only two of the four crafting materials are themselves crafted items: Palm Sugar and Gelatin. Every single other Level 90 Rarefied Collectable requires at least three crafted ingredients.

This small difference significantly cuts down on both time and overhead costs. One of the great, hidden problems with scrip farming via Collectables is the high number of elemental crystals you consume in the process. In this case that means Fire Crystals and Water Crystals. You need eight of each just for a single Rarefied Sykon Bavarois. Then you need another set of eight Fire Crystals for every set of Palm Sugar you make in the process. That’s 16 Fire Crystals and eight Water Crystals for every Collectable. Even excluding the cost of the materials themselves, that adds up. Quickly.

Notice that we didn’t mention Gelatin, though. That’s where Rarefied Sykon Bavarois gets even better. You don’t even need to craft the second crafted item! Gelatin is sold at 10 Gil apiece back in The Crystarium. Just head to the Musica Universalis district and speak with the NPC vendor called Vral, Material Supplier (X: 9.0, Y: 12.3). He’ll sell it to you for less than 1,000 Gil for a full stack of 99. That’s a steal. It also saves you even more resources and time compared to the other Collectables among your options.

Palm Syrup (which is what you need to craft your own Palm Sugar) and Sykons are also easy to gather. That tends to make them cheap on the Market Board. Though your mileage may vary according to server, Data Center, and time. Both items are also very easy to gather yourself as a sufficiently leveled-up Botanist.

The last item remaining is Ovibos Milk. You can acquire this on the Market Board, too, but it’s a drop from monsters in Garlemald. Monster drops tend to get a little pricier than gathering materials. Thankfully, they’re also easy to acquire from Gemstone Traders. In this case you want to speak with Zawawa, the Gemstone Trader in Camp Broken Glass within Garlemald. They’ll sell you one Ovibos Milk for just two Bicolor Gemstones — the special currency acquired from FATEs in Shadowbringers and Endwalker zones. This, too, is a steal. Especially if you can join a FATE farming party looking to strike it rich with their own Bicolor Gemstone purchases. Your mileage may again vary, but these haven’t been too difficult for us to locate in the Party Finder. Just in case you don’t have friends or a Free Company looking to grind out FATEs. You really should, though. It’s one of the best ways to make Gil in the game right now.

To summarize what you need up to this point:

Level up your Culinarian class to 90
Buy Palm Sugar or craft your own from Palm Syrup harvested as a Botanist in Thavnair
Buy or harvest your own Sykons in Elpis
Buy Ovibos Milk from the Gemstone Trader in Camp Broken Glass, or hunt Ovibos in the region to get it for free
Buy Gelatin from Vral the Material Supplier in The Crystarium
Craft the highest possible level of Rarefied Sykon Bavarois

From there it’s just a matter of turning your Collectables in to any Collectable Appraiser. These nameless NPCs are found in most of the capital cities throughout FFXIV. We usually recommend the one found in Limsa Lominsa. This is a good city to have as a home base — either as your actual Home Point or just a Favored Destination for the lower teleportation costs. The Limsa Lominsa Aetheryte Plaza is located just a few feet away from its Market Boards and NPC vendors, which has long made it a convenient headquarters for players of all levels.

And that’s all there is to it! This is currently your best bet for consistently farming Purple Crafters’ Scrips in Patch 6.1 of FFXIV. Best of luck getting what you need and may your various crafts sell for very high prices.

Author: Deann Hawkins