How To Find & Celebrate Friends’ Birthdays On Snapchat

How To Find & Celebrate Friends' Birthdays On Snapchat

Are you an avid Snapchat user? Do you find yourself forgetting friends’ birthdays? Learn how the app can help stop that from happening ever again.

Snapchat is the social hub for so many people, with one of its many features being the ability to easily track a friend’s birthday and celebrate it with a personalized Snap. Admit it — there’s been a birthday or two that were only remembered because of social media. Whether it be a Facebook reminder, Twitter, or something else, it’s easy to rely on a social app to remember when John and Tammy’s birthdays are coming up.

Along with doing this, Snapchat also strives to be the go-to platform for so many other things. Want to share a quick photo/video on a story? Go to Snapchat. Trying to create a group DM conversation with friends? Snapchat supports that, too. Whether it be these things or something else (such as Snapchat Astrology), it’s easy to see why Snapchat’s become as popular as it is today.


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For avid Snapchat users who find themselves forgetting important birthdays, the good news is that it’s incredibly easy to find this info right within Snapchat. Per the company’s instructions, doing so takes just a couple of seconds. Open the Snapchat app, tap the ‘Chat’ icon on the bottom navigation bar, tap a friend in the chat list, tap the rocket icon, tap ‘Minis,’ and tap ‘Birthdays’ from the list. From here, Snapchat shows a full overview of upcoming friends’ birthdays in chronological order. The top of the Birthdays page highlights the friend whose birthday is coming up first. Alternatively, if it is someone’s birthday, it’ll showcase that with an option to send them a birthday snap. As users keep scrolling through the Birthdays page, they’ll see other upcoming birthdays, birthdays friends recently celebrated, and a countdown to your own birthday.

How Snapchat Finds Friends’ Birthdays

Birthdays Mini in Snapchat

If someone’s visiting the Birthdays page and sees that it is a friend’s birthday, tapping ‘Send a Birthday Snap’ creates a pretty fun experience. This opens the Snapchat camera, includes a custom birthday sticker at the top of the screen, and fills it with a bunch of AR balloons and birthday hats. Users can press the capture button to snap a single photo or hold it down to record a fun video message.

Users can also access the birthday feature in Snapchat right from the home/camera page. When you first open Snapchat, users are taken to the camera page. From here, swipe down, tap ‘All Minis,’ and choose the Birthdays option from that list. After opening the Birthdays Mini, it’ll now show up under ‘Minis & Games’ immediately after swiping down. From that same page, tap ‘My Minis,’ tap ‘Birthdays,’ and now there’s a permanent shortcut to Snapchat’s Birthdays feature so you never miss it.

Most Snapchat users should be able to see their friends’ birthdays without a problem. But what if no birthdays are showing up on the Birthdays page? As Snapchat explains, users need to opt-in to have their birthday shared and seen by Snapchat in order for that information to appear. If they haven’t done so, their birthday won’t pop up on that page. Additionally, Snapchat only shows the day on which someone was born. It does not reveal their age or the year they were born — just the month and day.

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