How To Find (& Defeat) Great Wyrm Theodorix

How To Find (& Defeat) Great Wyrm Theodorix

Dropping three Dragon Hearts upon death, Great Wyrm Theodorix is a significantly valuable yet easy-to-cheese in Elden Ring’s mountainous region.

Great Wyrm Theodorix is a Great Enemy Field Boss in Elden Ring located at the base of the frozen waterfall, east of the Cave of the Forlorn Dungeon. Similar to Glintstone Dragon Adula, Theodorix will drop three Dragon Hearts upon death, including a lucrative 180,000 Runes. The boss fight with the Great Wyrm functions almost identical to Magma Wyrm Makar of the Ruin-Strewn Precipice in Elden Ring’s Altus Plateau. Theodorix enters combat on all fours, chasing its target while spewing liquid magma from its maw in feral rage. Upon losing 50%, the boss becomes bipedal and uses its Scalesword as a deadly armament.


Before Tarnished Wyrm hunters can face Great Wyrm Theodorix in Elden Ring, they must gain access to the beast’s location, the Consecrated Snowfield of Mountaintops of the Giants. This area is barred from those who’ve yet to venture through the Hidden Path to the Haligtree. This feat involves the tedious task of collecting the Secret Haligtree Medallion. Alternatively, crafty adventurers can use leap from the ridge near the Shack of the Lofty and respawn at the Stake of Marika, northwest of the Minor Erdtree. This method essentially skips the entire process with Elden Ring’s Haligtree Medallion.

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After finding Great Wyrm Theodorix in its lair at the eastern end of the frozen river ravine, Elden Ring players have several options to approach this boss fight. They can face the Wyrm in a mounted or grounded 1v1 battle, or they can use one of several techniques to cheese the boss into defeat.

Defeating Great Wyrm Theodorix In Elden Ring

Defeating Great Wyrm Theodorix In Elden Ring Map Location

First, the traditional method of defeating Great Wyrm Theodorix would be to fight the Dragon directly by luring it out of its cramped lair and attacking its rear. For any Magma Wyrm-type Boss, the beast’s tail is the safest place in the fight and the most vulnerable spot of the monster. However, during the second phase, Theodorix becomes highly mobile and is able to slam its sword down from multiple angles. While the rear end is still the primary target, Tarnished must observe the Wyrm for its next move.

On the other hand, cheesing Theodorix is a more mischievous yet effective approach for those looking for less of a challenge. First, players will notice a Giant Crab and Land Octopus along the icy trail leading to the boss. If goaded, these massive creatures will chase the player and eventually enter combat with the Great Wyrm. While their performance will depend on RNG, it is possible to half the boss’s HP with these two mobs. Another way to cheese is by using one of the many elevated ledges to fire ranged attacks on Theodorix from a safe distance. The optimal spot would be the corpse with the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone in Elden Ring atop the frozen waterfall. Fortunately, the Dragon has no means of ranged retaliation, resulting in Tarnished easily defeating from above.

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Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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