How to Get a Witch’s Bug Net

How to Get a Witch's Bug Net

One of the tools that can be purchased in Little Witch in the Woods is the Witch’s Bug Net, and players will need Luna Coins to obtain it.

The Witch’s Bug Net is an important tool that can be purchased using Luna Coins in Little Witch in the Woods. Any bug or plant in the encyclopedia that has a net symbol above it can only be obtained using the Witch’s Bug Net. After obtaining the Witch’s Bug Net, there are certain techniques that can be used to ensure Ellie catches what she’s searching for. The Witch’s Bug Net will only be available after the village is unlocked.

The Witch’s Bug Net can be purchased from Diane when she visits. Unlike Aurea, Diane won’t accept Gold Coins as a form of currency. Instead, Diane sells all of her items for Luna Coins, a different type of currency used only by witches. The Witch’s Bug Net can be obtained at the beginning of Little Witch in the Woods, but there are also other items, like the Enhance Intellect Potion recipe, that need to be purchased when first speaking to Diane. Luckily, there are ways to earn Luna Coins quickly.


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Luna Coins can only be used to purchase items from Diane, and she also offers the best method for earning them. Completing daily delivery side quests for Diane will usually award players at least 30 Luna Coins. The Witch’s Bug Net only cost three Luna Coins, so Ellie will have enough to purchase it from Diane after one delivery. Missing a delivery has a negative impact, so quests should only be accepted if players are sure they can complete them.

How To Use The Witch’s Bug Net In Little Witch In The Woods

Little Witch in the Woods How to Get a Witch's Bug Net Diane Selling Bug Net

After completing a delivery side quest for Diane or selling her some items, Ellie can obtain the Witch’s Bug Net for three Luna Coins. Once purchased, players can equip the Witch’s Bug Net from Ellie’s inventory. To use the Witch’s Bug Net, players will need to find resources to catch, then aim and swing with precision. Similar to tracking bugs caught in Animal Crossing, catchable plants and creatures can be identified using the encyclopedia.

Some resources, like the Silver Starbell plant, can only be caught at night, and other ingredients require some extra work. For example, the Bush Bug can be caught with the Witch’s Bug Net, but Ellie will need to find a rustling bush and shake it to reveal the insect first. When players come across a plant or bug they want to catch, they should turn Ellie toward it and position her to swing at the right angle.

Some creatures will run if Ellie approaches too quickly or gets too close. Ellie will need to step cautiously toward her target, line up the net, and swing to snatch the creature up before it has the chance to run. Anything caught with the Witch’s Bug Net will be in Ellie’s inventory in Little Witch in the Woods. The Witch’s Bug Net is a valuable tool that can be purchased early on from Diane using Luna Coins.

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Little Witch in the Woods is available on Steam in Early Access.

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