How To Get Free Remote Raid Passes (May 2022)

How To Get Free Remote Raid Passes (May 2022)

Remote Raid Passes are premium items sold in the in-game shop in Pokémon GO, yet there are multiple methods of acquiring them for free.

With the active ongoing seasonal and weekly events in Pokémon GO, eager Trainers might be wondering how to collect Remote Raid Passes for free to get the most out of their “catch-’em-all” experience in May 2022. Those familiar with Raiding will presumably know that the Remote Raid Pass is a one-time item used to participate in Raid Battles from anywhere, as long as players have access to the specific Gym’s location in Pokémon GO. Currently, Trainers can possess only three Remote Raid Passes at one time, and once a pass is consumed to enter a Raid, it cannot be reused or refunded.

Remote Raid Passes in Pokémon GO are acquired primarily as in-game microtransactions via the cash shop. As a result, a single pass costs 100 PokéCoins, while a package deal of three is priced at PokéCoin × 300. For reference, PokéCoins × 100 amounts to roughly 1 USD. While the expenditure of one Remote Raid Pass or even three is arguably negligible, diligent Trainers actively participating in the flurry of recent Raids, Tasks, and Events might agree that the cost can add up or simply become a costly inconvenience.


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Fortunately, Pokémon GO offers a loophole for those looking to procure some Remote Raid Passes for free. First, the most “freemium” means of collecting Remote Raid Passes at no cost is by completing Quests or Research Tasks that specifically reward players with passes. Accordingly, these undertakings charge players no real-world money to complete and will net them the Remote Raid Passes they desire. The main drawback of this method is that these featured rewards are relatively infrequent, which means there might be long stretches of time when players cannot earn any free Remote Raid Passes via questing.

Pokémon GO: How To Get Free Remote Raid Passes

Pokémon GO Obtaining Free Remote Raid Passes Via Event Boxes

On the other hand, the second technique of getting free Remote Raid Passes is through the in-game shop under the “Event” Banner that offers an Event Box for a single PokéCoin. There have been times when a unique Event Box is handed to players for free, yet relying on these for one’s Remote Raid Passes is somewhat ineffective. The single-coin boxes will always contain a Remote Raid Pass and other valuable items, such as several Great Balls in Pokémon GO.

Event Boxes show up frequently in the store, typically every week during events. Therefore, Trainers are recommended to visit the shop every day for the free daily offers and the potential Remote Raid Pass. The only way to procure an Event Box for free is by earning PokéCoins by placing one’s Pokémon in a Team Gym for a day. If the Pokémon successfully remains in the Gym, they will net players up to 50 PokéCoins per day, which can then be used to obtain the Event Boxes’ free Remote Raid Passes.

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Pokémon GO is available for Android and iOS.

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