How To Get Started With A New Character

How To Get Started With A New Character

If a new character is created in Grand Theft Auto Online on PlayStation 5, players will receive $4,000,000 and the option to choose a criminal career path. This starting bonus will only be available for the first character that’s created, so choosing the right career path is important, and it can be a difficult decision for those who have never played before. Each business will introduce players to missions and help them start earning money. However, some career paths are better than others, especially for new players.

The Career Builder is a new feature in GTA Online for next-gen consoles that has a one-time use for the first character created. However, each profile on a PlayStation 5 can use the Career Builder and cash bonus for their new character. Choosing a career can be a difficult decision, and new players may not know where to start because the descriptions that are listed for each criminal empire are limited. To choose the best career path, players will need to fully understand their options. There are also some tricks for getting started with a new character that doesn’t have access to the Career Builder.


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Choosing the best criminal career path will depend somewhat on the player’s needs. Some careers are better for making cash while others are cheaper and leave players with more money to start with in GTA Online. However, only a maximum of $1,000,000 can be kept. When choosing a career, there will be a few location options as well as available upgrades, vehicles, and weapons to start with. The $4,000,000 cash bonus won’t cover all available perks, so choosing the right options may determine the level of difficulty players will have in progressing their criminal careers.

GTA Online PS5: Executive Career Path Explained

GTA Online PS5 Guide How To Get Started With A New Character Executive Criminal Career

If the Executive criminal career path is chosen, then players will be able to select an Office and become the CEO of an organization. There are several benefits that can be taken advantage of, such as being able to request a luxury helicopter or bribe the authorities for a set fee. Owning an Office is also a prerequisite for buying Office Garages, Vehicle Warehouses, and Warehouses. There are free vehicles available to CEOs as well, and owning an Office will give players access to heists and other businesses to earn a steady income. The Executive career can be chosen by solo players to gain multiple methods of earning money in GTA Online. The easiest criminal career path for new players to get started with is the Executive, and it’s also one of the best choices for money-making.

GTA Online PS5: Gunrunner Career Path Explained

GTA Online PS5 Guide How To Get Started With A New Character Gunrunner Criminal Career

Choosing Gunrunner will give players the most profitable criminal empire, and it’s another career that can be progressed while playing solo. The Bunker property will give players a passive source of income as well as various special missions that can be completed for a profit. Stealing or buying supplies for the Bunker will give players the option to sell their stock by completing a mission. There are also 51 different projects to research by assigning staff to the research team instead of having them manage stock. Completing research will unlock new weapon and vehicle mods, but only one project can be worked on at a time. The Bunker location in GTA Online isn’t very important, so players can choose the cheapest option so they have more to spend on upgrades, weapons, and vehicles. For those focused solely on making money, the Gunrunner career is the best choice. However, Gunrunner is a more difficult career option than Executive.

GTA Online PS5: Nightclub Career Path Explained

GTA Online PS5 Guide How To Get Started With A New Character Nightclub Criminal Career

Owning a Nightclub isn’t as profitable as the other criminal career paths, but it’s the easiest business to run out of the four. Players can complete missions to promote the Nightclub and earn a passive income. Any cash that’s earned needs to be collected from the office inside the Nightclub, so players will need to occasionally return to the property to grab their money. The safe inside the Nightclub has a capacity of $250,000, and how quickly the limit is reached depends on the club’s popularity.

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Although this career path has the lowest income, it’s one of the more enjoyable properties that can be owned. Players can walk around, visit the bar, and hit the dance floor in their Nightclub in GTA Online, and the missions for gaining popularity are entertaining. Becoming a Nightclub Owner is a fun experience, but it’s not recommended for new players that want to earn a decent amount of money.

GTA Online PS5: Biker Career Path Explained

GTA Online PS5 Guide How To Get Started With A New Character Biker Criminal Career

The Biker criminal career path will make players the President of a Motorcycle Club, and there are a few perks to take advantage of with this choice. One of the more notable perks is the ability to ride in formation with other club members to heal, gain a speed boost, and regenerate armor. There are unique missions to complete as well as side businesses that can be started to earn income. There are five businesses in GTA Online that can be run by an MC President, but the Cocaine Lockup and Methamphetamine Lab are the most profitable. Only one of each type of business can be owned, and they all have several locations to choose from. Running a Motorcycle Club is a bit more complicated than being a CEO, but it’s still a solid career choice that can eventually become very lucrative.

GTA Online PS5: How To Get Started Without Career Builder

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The first new character on each PS5 profile can use the Career Builder and cash bonus, but any additional characters created will need to start at the beginning. After completing the tutorial, players will have a lot of different options, so it can be difficult figuring out where to start. Even without the Career Builder, there are ways to quickly earn money, such as completing heists in GTA Online. Buying an apartment will give players access to a heist planning room, as well as a garage for storing vehicles. There are a variety of free vehicles to claim on different websites that can be accessed via the in-game phone.

Whether players are starting with Career Builder or diving in without any advantages, the ultimate goal should be to work toward owning multiple businesses. The four options in the Career Builder aren’t the only businesses that can be run, and owning additional properties can unlock new money-making options. For example, owning an Arcade will unlock the Diamond Casino Heist and give players another source of passive income. As players expand their businesses and complete heists, they’ll be able to unlock better weapons and vehicles as they rank up in Grand Theft Auto Online for PlayStation 5.

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Grand Theft Auto Online is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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