How to Get the Funnelweb SMG (& God Rolls)

How to Get the Funnelweb SMG (& God Rolls)

Out of all the 40+ weapons introduced in The Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2, this Void energy SMG is sure to be the most sought-after.

The Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2 has introduced 40+ new weapons, and players are finally getting a feel for which ones are standing out. In terms of add clearing, Submachine Guns are dominating in PvE. Between the new exotic SMG Osteo Striga, Destiny 2’s Trone World SMG the Forensic Nightmare, and the new Recluse like SMG Funnelweb, SMGs are once again the add clearing kings. Players looking for a primary energy weapon have no reason to look further than the 900 RPM Funnelweb SMG, a Void, Lightweight Frame that dethrones ‘The Recluse’ as the best legendary SMG in Destiny 2 history (with the right roll, of course).


The Funnelweb is a world drop, which means this weapon can come from basically any loot source in the game. This includes umbral engrams, activity completion (Strikes, Crucible, Gambit, etc.), activity chests, or rank-ups from the Gunsmith. There’s even a chance for this weapon to be sold at the Gunsmith every weekly reset. While this is a world drop, there is a way to farm this weapon. First, players will need to rank up with Fynch in Destiny 2 to Rank 15 and claim the level 15 reward, which is Deepsight level 3. After that, players will have to cross-save to a platform that doesn’t have The Witch Queen purchased. After that, players will be able to farm Deepsight 3 Throne World chests on that platform without getting Throne World weapons, meaning only 1 of the 12 new world drops can be rewarded from the chests, increasing players’ chances of getting a Funnelweb considerably.

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Sadly, this weapon cannot be crafted using Destiny 2’s new crafting system just yet, so players will have to search for a god roll the old-fashioned way, praying to RNGesus. Since the Funnelweb is a void weapon, it currently benefits from Destiny 2’s Void 3.0 buff and season 16 artifact mods heavily with mods like Violtile Flow. In terms of reloading traits, Funnelweb can roll with traits like Perpetual Motion and Subsistence. For the weapons damage traits, it can roll with traits like Adrenaline Junky and Frenzy. These four traits combined make for a lethal combination in PvE that’ll hopefully be made even better when the Funnelweb is added to the list of craftable weapons.

The Funnelweb SMG God Roll in Destiny 2

Funnelweb SMG with Traits in Destiny 2

Barrel: Corkscrew Rifling or Arrowhead Break.Magazine: Aqurized Rounds or Tactical Mag.Colum 1 Trait: SubsistanceColum 2 Trait: Frenzy

The Funnelweb is, without a doubt, the best SMG in the game right now. Sadly, since it is an energy weapon, it will have to take the place of Destiny 2’s extremely useful Enigma Glaive. Even still, the Funnelweb is an absolute beast that even comes with a new Intrinsic Perk, ‘Veist Stinger,’ which grants the weapon a small chance to reload from reserves and gain increased handling after doing any damage with the SMG. With this combination of attachments and Traits, this weapon can become more lethal than the coveted Recluse SMG.

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