How To Get The Ragnhild-D Shotgun Pattern

How To Get The Ragnhild-D Shotgun Pattern

The Ragnhild-D shotgun is one of the Destiny 2 weapons that players can craft in The Witch Queen expansion, so long as they have unlocked the pattern.

One of the weapon patterns that players can unlock in Destiny 2 is for the Ragnhild-D shotgun, and it’s one of the many new weapons that were added alongside The Witch Queen expansion. The Ragnhild-D shotgun is quickly becoming one of the preferred choices for PvP content in the game, and it has some perks that help it perform well in PvE activities as well. As an Aggressive Frame shotgun, the Ragnhild-D shotgun has its rate of fire increased after every kill, which synergizes nicely with perks such as One-Two Punch and Demolitionist.

The Ragnhild-D shotgun is also part of the New Foundry Weapon Set in The Witch Queen, which means anyone can find the weapon through Legendary engrams. It’s available for all players regardless of whether they’re free-to-play or own any version of The Witch Queen expansion. However, the weapon pattern is only available to those who own The Witch Queen expansion, as it’s tied to players’ ability to craft weapons via the Enclave on Mars.


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Most weapons that can be crafted in Destiny 2 have their patterns unlocked after players complete a number of Deepsight Resonance extracts, but the Ragnhild-D pattern is actually tied to a specific quest called “Reshaping The Enigma.” The Enigma is a new Legendary Glaive that players craft as part of The Witch Queen expansion campaign, but reshaping it is another side quest that requires a bit more time to complete. After players get the quest, they’ll be tasked with using the new crafting materials to alter the perks of The Enigma. Reshaping a weapon requires players to remove it from their equipped weapons, but it is best to hold off on any reshaping until the quest step asks players to do so. Otherwise, Guardians will have to reacquire new materials.

Best Perks To Craft Ragnhild-D Shotgun With In Destiny 2

Weapon Crafting Relic in Destiny 2

Once “Reshaping The Enigma” has been completed, players can craft the shotgun at the Enclave on Mars, so long as they have the required crafting materials needed in Destiny 2. As long as players continue to extract Deepsigth Resonance from weapons, they’ll be able to get more crafting materials. The first Ragnhild-D shotgun that can be crafted has a limited number of perks that can be selected, but as players continue to use it the weapon will level up and allow players to reshape it with new perks. Ultimately, these are the best perks that players should be looking for on their new weapon:

Rifled BarrelAssault MagSubsistenceDemolitionist or One-Two Punch

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Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia platforms.

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