How to Get The Sage Armor Set in Elden Ring

How to Get The Sage Armor Set in Elden Ring

Elden Ring players looking to obtain a cool-looking lightweight armor with high Focus and Vitality might want to check out the Sage Armor Set.

Elden RingĀ features a great variety of armor sets that will cater to most players’ wants and needs regarding both protection and style. The Sage Armor Set is a three-piece set reminiscent of Ingward’s armor from Dark Souls, a previous FromSoftware game. Although not the best in terms of pure protection, it has a unique look and is lightweight, which more than makes up for it. The Sage Armor set also provides good defense against sleep and bouts of madness due to a high Focus as well as instant death effects due to high Vitality.

Much like some previous FromSoftware games, the player’s weight in Elden Ring can affect the fluidity of their movements and dodge roll animations. At 30% or less equip load, players will perform light rolls, which are very fast, then from 30% to 70%, they will change to medium, and more than that will make them heavy and very slow to recover from. If players somehow achieve more than 100% of their equip load, they will be slowed and become unable to roll at all. Equip load can be increased by raising the endurance stat in Elden Ring or by equipping certain talismans, such as the Arsenal Charm.


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However, having a faster roll will affect the players’ speed and recovery time and the number of “I-frames,” aka “invincibility frames.” These terms define the number of in-game frames in which players become invincible while rolling, which increases the lighter the roll is. All of this is very important when talking about the Sage Armor Set as one of its strongest aspects is that it is lightweight, allowing players to keep their equip load very low. This, in turn, allows players to carry heavier weapons or shields without sacrificing I-frames.

Where to find the Sage Armor Set in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Stillwater Cave Location Map

The Sage Armor Set can be found within the Stillwater Cave, which is located to the northwest of Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring. As players proceed to this area, named Liurnia of the Lakes, they will find a huge body of water at its center. The cave entrance is located on the southeastern edge of this lake, hidden behind some trees, and will sometimes be guarded by two patroling Jellyfish enemies. After entering the cave, players will come across a Site of Grace that they should use to prepare against poison, a relevant environmental danger in Stillwater Cave.

After heading inside, players must go forward until they see a ledge to their left that goes around a pit with a pink flower in its middle. After proceeding along the ledge, players must jump across a gap and head forward into a tunnel that will lead down to a room filled with poison, which can be cured in Elden Ring by using Neutralizing Boluses. As players walk into this room, they will see the corpse that contains the three-piece Sage Armor Set in front of them.

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Elden RingĀ is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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