How to Get To The Blockworks Library in Minecraft

How to Get To The Blockworks Library in Minecraft

To enter the Blockworks Library in Minecraft, fans must download the map from the library creators’ website or connect to the map’s official server.

The Uncensored Library, also known as the “BlockWorks Library,” is a server and custom-made map in Minecraft created by BlockWorks, DDB Worldwide, and MediaMonks. On March 12, 2020, the BlockWorks Library was released by a French international non-profit and non-governmental organization called Reporters Without Borders. The purpose of this project was to utilize a creative game like Minecraft to bypass censorship in nations that lack freedom of the press. Accordingly, this custom server map in Minecraft contains confidential articles and reportings banned from Mexico, Russia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. The Uncensored Library also possesses recent information regarding COVID-19 and how it was handled by governments in restrictive countries such as North Korea, Russia, and China.


However, the BlockWorks Library is not just a simple archive of Books in chests randomly placed about the Server’s map. Instead, the designers of this large-scale project constructed a palatial library built with a distinct neoclassical architectural style in mind. The colossal and complex structure is intended to resemble an institution like the New York Public Library. When Minecraft players enter this map, they are able to virtually wander its stately halls and freely access information forbidden to certain countries around the globe.

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To get to the Blockworks Library in Minecraft, players have two primary options. First, they download the map itself, a large file available on the Uncensored Library’s official website, “” Scroll down to the Downloads section and select the Download button below Minecraft Map to begin the process. Alternatively, players can access the Blockworks Library by connecting directly to the map’s official Server via an in-game procedure.

Entering The Uncensored Library In Minecraft

Entering The Uncensored Library In Minecraft

Here is a brief list of steps required to download, install, and play the Uncensored Library in Minecraft using the downloadable file on PC:

Step 1: Open “” or search Google for “Uncensored Library” or “Blockworks Library.”Step 2: Scroll down to Downloads and download the map’s file.Step 3: Extract the file to the saves folder in the “.minecraft” folder found via %appdata% using the Run command.Step 4: Launch the custom map in Minecraft using the Worlds section accessed via the main menu.

Below is the method players can use to access the Server of the Blockworks Library in Minecraft:

Step 1: Ensure the game is on Version 1.14.4; if not, players will need load this earlier build of the game to enter the library’s server.Step 2: Open the Multiplayer tab in-game and navigate to Servers.Step 3: Choose to join a Server and enter the following address: “”Step 4: Connect to the Server to get to Blockworks Library in Minecraft.

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Minecraft is available on PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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