How To Get Tokens Of Protection (& What They’re For)

How To Get Tokens Of Protection (& What They're For)

To unlock the new Chaos Line Dungeon in Lost Ark’s latest update, “Battle for the Throne of Chaos,” adventurers will need Tokens of Protection.

One of the new features introduced in Lost Ark’s latest update, “Battle for the Throne of Chaos,” is the Chaos Line, a weekly Dungeon accessible via a Token of Protection. Without this special Token, adventurers will be unable to enter the new Dungeon. While the method of acquiring a Token is reasonably straightforward, players might be somewhat confused about how to enter Chaos Line Dungeon in Lost Ark since the game doesn’t explicitly reveal what players must do before the activity becomes available.

The first step to acquiring a Token of Protection in Lost Ark is completing all the main story content of the new continent, South Vern. This content mandates players to possess an Item Level of 1340 to start progressing through the endgame questline. Naturally, those who’ve yet to complete the previous storylines of all the continents in Arkesia have a moderate amount of content they must complete before gaining access to South Vern.


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Once Lost Ark adventurers have completed all the main missions of South Vern, they must travel back to the Vern Castle of North Vern. Next, speak with Magick Scholar Jeneca, an NPC in the Military District who serves as the Chaos Dungeon Shard Exchange. She will give players a Guide Quest called “Becoming a Member of the Knights.” After receiving the special quest in Lost Ark, fast travel to the West Plaza of South Vern and speak with Professor Farhat.

Using Tokens Of Protection In Lost Ark

Lost Ark How To Unlock Chaos Line

During “Becoming a Member of the Knights,” Professor Farhat will ask Lost Ark players to briefly examine the portal entrance to the Chaos Line Dungeon. To do this, simply walk over to the orange circle nearby and return to Farhat to continue his dialogue. Once the conversation has been concluded, the quest will be complete, and players will receive two Tokens of Protection to enter Chaos Line. Furthermore, a new Weekly Quest will unlock called “I Must Protect.”

“I Must Protect” is a repeatable quest during which Lost Ark adventurers must defeat demons to receive another two Tokens of Protection. Naturally, this quest can only be completed once every week, limiting the number of earnable Tokens in Lost Ark and potential opportunities to enter Chaos Line. Nevertheless, once players enter and clear the new Dungeon, they will be rewarded with Fragmented Bloodmagick Stones. This currency can be exchanged with Professor Farhat to acquire high-tier materials and items. Keep in mind that an Item Level of 1370 is recommended to enter Chaos Line.

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Lost Ark is available on PC via Steam.


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