How to Increase Inventory Size

How to Increase Inventory Size

Little Witch in the Woods offers the option to increase Ellie’s inventory size, but the upgrades cost a lot of gold, so players will need to save up.

Inventory size can be increased several times in Little Witch in the Woods, but the upgrades are increasingly costly, so it may take some time to farm enough gold. Upgrading Ellie’s inventory makes it much easier to gather large quantities of ingredients and resources all at once. To increase Ellie’s inventory size, players will need to earn gold and buy the upgrades from Aurea.

At the start of the game, Ellie has eight available inventory spaces that will quickly get filled up as players begin exploring and gathering resources. There are a lot of ingredients to collect throughout the forest, but not every crafting resource is needed when first starting out. At the beginning of Little Witch in the Woods, players should only pick up what they need to avoid constantly dropping items or running back to store them. Once the village is unlocked, Ellie’s inventory size can be upgraded to make adventuring easier.


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Inventory upgrades can be purchased by speaking to Aurea in Wisteria Village after destroying the prickly vines. Every upgrade purchased from Aurea will add four extra spaces to Ellie’s inventory in Little Witch in the Woods. Fully increasing Ellie’s inventory size will result in 24 available spaces, but it will take a lot of gold to purchase every upgrade. The bag upgrades from Aurea cost 250 gold, 400 gold, 900 gold, and 2,000 gold. Although saving up for every upgrade can seem daunting, there are a few ways to earn gold efficiently.

How To Earn Gold Coins Fast In Little Witch in the Woods

Little Witch in the Woods How to Increase Inventory Size Aurea Selling Bag Space

After removing the giant pricky vine in Little Witch in the Woods and gaining access to Wisteria Village, Ellie will be able to accept potion delivery side quests from Aurea. Each day, Ellie can speak to Aurea and accept a delivery quest. The gold reward will be indicated before the quest is accepted. Ellie will have until 6 pm the next day to deliver the potions, or she will lose trust with Aurea. As soon as the potions are delivered, players will receive their gold.

Completing potion delivery quests is the easiest and quickest way to earn large amounts of gold. However, players can also sell items to Aurea to earn some extra gold. Any item’s sell price will be a lot less than the reward for completing a delivery, but it can still be a quick way to earn a little bit of gold. After obtaining enough gold, Ellie can speak to Aurea and choose the option to expand her bag to unlock additional inventory spaces.

Along with inventory upgrades, players can also increase the workshop storage’s maximum capacity. For workshop storage upgrades, Kyla will need to be in the village, then Ellie can speak to her. Each storage upgrade will increase the size by four spaces. There are two upgrades for the workshop storage, and they both require gold, branches, and pieces of rock. Fully expanding Ellie’s inventory and workshop storage requires a substantial amount of gold, so players should start upgrading as early as possible in Little Witch in the Forest.

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Little Witch in the Woods is available on Steam in Early Access.

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