How to Install and Play Poinpy on the Netflix App

How to Install and Play Poinpy on the Netflix App

Today was the final day of Netflix’s Geeked Week, and their live stream was all about games. The event had a few promising reveals, but none were as exciting as Poinpy, a new platformer from the creator of Downwell. If you’re interested in playing Poinpy, but don’t know how to download games from the Netflix app, don’t worry! Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to download the newest games from Netflix.

How to Download Poinpy on the Netflix App

If you’re wondering how to download Poinpy on the Netflix app, here are the steps:

Open the Netflix app.
Search for “Poinpy.” It should be the first option to pop up.
Tap the button labeled “Get Game.”
On Apple, this should open up a window to the app store. Tap “Get” and follow the instructions to download the app to your phone.
On Android, this will take you to the Google Play Store. Tap “Install” and follow the directions on screen to download the app to your phone.
Once the app downloads, it will exist separately from the Netflix app. To play the game, just find the Poinpy app and tap the icon to open it.
Once the app is open, you will be prompted to sign into your Netflix account. Enter your login information and continue.
If your Netflix account has multiple user profiles, you will then be prompted to pick yours. Progress is tracked by user profile, so multiple people can have unique save files, even if you’re sharing the same account.
You can also download Poinpy on iOS here and on Google Play here.

That’s it! Once you’ve selected a user profile, Poinpy’s platforming fun is yours to enjoy. If this is too confusing, don’t worry! You don’t have to download Netflix’s games through the Netflix app. If you search for Poinpy in the App Store or Google Play Store, it will pop up there as well. Regardless of where you download it, you still need to log into a Netflix account to play, so keep that in mind.

Poinpy isn’t the only game available on Netflix. Here’s a link to every game currently available on the platform, which includes Moonlighter, a mobile version of Exploding Kittens, and two games based on Stranger Things. This line-up will soon be joined by other games included in today’s showcase, including Spiritfarer, Desta: The Memories Between, and a chess game based on The Queen’s Bandit.a

Today’s Geeked Week show revealed more than just games. We learned Dragon Age is getting an animated series called Dragon Age: Absolution, Castlevania is getting a new animated show called Castlevania: Nocturne, and that Big the Cat is joining the cast of Sonic Prime.

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Author: Deann Hawkins