How to Level Up the Season 13 Battle Pass in Apex Legends

How to Level Up the Season 13 Battle Pass in Apex Legends

The next season of Apex Legends is just around the corner, which means there’s a bunch of new content on the horizon. Along with the usual map changes, the defense legend Newcastle, and various buffs/nerfs, we are once again getting a new battle pass. Medieval-themed, this battle pass is full of cool-looking skins for characters like Fuse, Bloodhound, and Newcastle. So if you’re new to Apex Legends or just looking to quickly unlock some  rewards, here’s how to level up the Season 13 battle pass:

How to Level Up the Battle Pass

To level up your battle pass you need to obtain 10 stars. These stars are given out for completing Weekly and Daily Challenges, each of which will either reward a specific number of stars or an entire battle pass level. For Daily Challenges, these will change every 24 hours and award between 1-3 stars apiece. Unlike Weekly Challenges, you can re-roll a Daily Challenge by spending Legend Tokens. These challenges typically range between playing two matches as a specific legend or dealing a certain amount of damage with a weapon archetype.

As for Weekly Challenges, these challenges are random for everyone, but cannot be re-rolled. Typically, Weekly Challenges will require you to either play a lot of matches with specific characters, deal a lot of damage with certain guns, or perform specific tasks like having teammates use Pathfinder’s zipline. Your challenges will also be broken up between the battle royale and Arenas game modes. These will be marked with either a “BR” or an “A” next to the challenge. If a challenge doesn’t have either of these next to it then you can complete it in either game mode.

You can also earn stars by just gaining experience. This is done by just playing any mode in the game and performing well. Winning matches, getting kills, assists, or just surviving all rewards you experience. You need 5,000 experience to earn a single star, meaning it will take 50,000 experience to earn a single battle pass tier. This isn’t ideal for grinding through the battle pass, so use these extra stars as a way to supplement your challenges instead of relying solely on gaining experience. Finally, you can also buy battle pass levels for 150 Apex Coins a tier, but if you play regularly you shouldn’t need to spend any additional money.

Legendary skins in the battle pass include Fuse’s Sir Fitzroy and Bloodhound’s Feral’s Future while the Epic rarity skins are Pathfinder’s Gilded Grappler, Newcastle’s Firewall, and Mad Maggie’s Lava Queen. The reactive weapon skin at Tier 100 and 110 is for the Spitfire which is coming out of the care package this season. Newcastle and Crypto are also getting new skydive emotes while Gibraltar and Mirage are getting regular emotes. You can purchase the Season 13 battle pass at any time during the season, so don’t feel like you need to grab it right away. Just remember, you cannot complete a battle pass once a season rotates out. So make sure to finish it during Season 13’s duration or you won’t be able to unlock all the skins!

Author: Deann Hawkins