How to Make Everyone Die in The Quarry

How to Make Everyone Die in The Quarry

Every character in the Quarry can be killed by making specific decisions in a few chapters during the story, and doing so results in the worst ending.

There are a few different chapters in The Quarry that contain important decisions regarding the fate of each character. In order to ensure everyone dies and the worst ending is achieved, players will need to pay attention to the choices they make in each chapter. In addition to experiencing the worst possible ending, the achievement for killing everyone, Hackett’s Quarry Massacre, will be unlocked.

Characters can be killed in a variety of situations, including failing quick-time events or making the wrong choice when faced with a significant decision that changes the narrative. Although there are several endings to unlock in The Quarry, and each character has multiple possible deaths, it can still be difficult to kill every character before the end of the game. Some deaths will have a ripple effect that changes the story and blocks off certain paths.


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Since no characters need to survive to get the worst ending, the decisions in the first few chapters won’t really matter. Players don’t need to worry about what path to take until they reach chapter four. At that point, one or more characters will need to be killed in nearly every subsequent chapter to unlock the worst ending. If each character’s death is performed correctly, then no one will be left at the end of The Quarry.

Decisions That Make Everyone Die In The Quarry

How to Make Everyone Die in The Quarry Abi Head

Jacob: While playing as Ryan in chapter four, shoot the rustling bushes twice to kill Jacob who is hiding there.Emma: In order to kill this character in The Quarry, players will need to open the trapdoor inside the treehouse when prompted during chapter four.Abigail: In chapter six, Abigail goes into the pool house, and Nick eventually shoves her against a wall. Instead of shooting, players should do nothing. Abigail will be killed after Nick transforms into a monster.Travis: As Laura in chapter seven, players will need to leave the syringe in the police station instead of picking it up. Later, Laura can lure Travis into the cell by faking pain, then players will need to shoot Travis. It’s important that Laura only shoots Travis once, so she needs to fail the second quick-time event. Killing Travis completely will make it impossible to kill other characters later in the story, and the initial wound will ultimately kill him anyway ensuring the worst ending in The Quarry.Nick: In chapter eight, Laura and Ryan go through a tunnel and come across a monster in a cage. When Laura goes to shoot, Ryan should not interrupt her because the monster she shoots is Nick.Dylan: In the scrapyard, Dylan will need to warn Kaitlyn and sound the horn, then fail the quick-time event when the monster attacks. The monster will break through the window and kill Dylan.Laura: In chapter nine, Laura and Ryan come across a monster in an attic. After Ryan shoots the monster, Travis will attack and kill Laura.Ryan: Before dying, Ryan will need to shoot the monster that falls from the attic in chapter nine, otherwise Max can’t be killed later. After shooting, Travis will stab Laura before attacking Ryan. During the attack, players can choose the aggressive option, then fail the quick-time event. This mistake in The Quarry leads to Travis shooting Ryan.Max: As long as the monster was shot by Ryan in chapter nine, Max can be killed in chapter 10. While playing as Max, players will need to select the option to swim to shore. After choosing this option, a monster will pop up and kill Max.Kaitlyn: At the end of chapter 10, Kaitlyn will be attacked in the lodge. Players will need to choose wait, then refrain from shooting the monster. The creature will attack and kill Kaitlyn leaving no one alive at the end. As long as all of the above decisions were made, the Hackett’s Quarry Massacre achievement will be unlocked and players will experience the worst possible ending in The Quarry.

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The Quarry is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, and PC.

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