How to Play Online With Friends in Mario Strikers Battle League

How to Play Online With Friends in Mario Strikers Battle League

Dust off your cleats, throw on some sleek-looking armor and load up on red shells because Mario Strikers: Battle League has released. The third entry in this sports series, players assume the role of various Nintendo characters as they try to prove who’s best at football. Along with the basics such as passing, shooting, and blocking, Mario Strikers: Battle League also lets you hurl giant banana peels or even your ally at opponents. Of course, this is way more fun with friends because who wants to flex their superior football skills on the CPU?

Thankfully, Mario Strikers: Battle League offers a few different ways and modes to play with your friends. Here’s a breakdown of how to play offline, local with friends, or online against random people:

How to Play Online With Friends

Mario Strikers Battle League Play Online

Quick Battle

After you load up the campaign and complete the tutorial you’ll be brought to the main menu. From here you’ll be given the option of Quick Battle, Cup Battles, and Strikers Clubs. Quick Battle is exactly what it sounds like, as it allows you to just do a single match against someone. When you select this mode you will be given the choice between a Single Console, Local Wireless, or Online Play. If you just want to play with someone on a single switch, highlight a Single Console and then move your control stick right. This allows you to add up to seven additional players, all of which will be in the same match together.

If you want to connect to another person’s Switch, select Local Wireless and then hit Y to create a room. This will make a match that your friends can join when they enter the Local Wireless lobby. Finally picking Online Play will present you with the ability to play against a random opponent or join a friend’s game. Notably, you can have up to two people playing on the same switch against someone online. For those wanting to make a room for their friends to join, go to Battle Friends and press Y to create a room. Once the match is set up and launched, your friend should be able to join you.

Cup Battle

For Cup Battles, this is a mode that can only be played locally and has no online component at the time of writing this. Just tap the left stick to the right when presented with a menu that has “Single Console.” Every person you add will be included in the tournament. Only four players can participate in a Cup Battle at a time and each of them will need their own controller. You can use either the Pro Controller, both Joy-Cons, or each Joy-Con individually.

Mario Strikers Battle League Play Online

Strikers Club

Finally, we get to the core online portion of Mario Strikers: Battle League, Strikers Clubs. Think of these as clans or guilds, allowing you to team up with friends to improve your stadium and unlock a variety of cosmetic items. When you first open up Strikers Club, you will be presented with a list of active clubs you can browse. If you want to make your own club, press Y and go through the various settings to make your own group. This includes picking jersey colors, a home stadium, and a club name. You can also specify the type of club you are along with determining who can actually join.

To join a friend’s club, simply go to the Strikers Club menu and press X. Now select “Search With Club Code” and enter the unique code tied to your buddy’s group. For the owner of the club, you can determine what your code is by opening up Strikers Club and then pressing Y. The code will be displayed at the top middle of your screen. You can have up to 20 people in a single club and all token rewards earned are pooled, allowing your group to buy items like fence designs or statues for your stadium. If you plan to play a lot with your friends, I highly recommend making a club to ensure you can get all the additional rewards!

Author: Deann Hawkins