How To Remove The Giant Prickly Vine

How To Remove The Giant Prickly Vine

Little Witch In the Woods players will need to craft several potions and find NPCs to remove the Giant Prickly Vine blocking the path to the village.

As players progress through the story in Little Witch In The Woods, they will soon discover the Giant Prickly Vine stands in their way of reaching the village of Wisteria. While players are able to concoct a potion to remove the Little Honey Pumpkins blocking their path, removing the Giant Prickly Vine will require several potions and help from NPCs as Ellie explores her new surroundings as an apprentice witch.

Before players can begin to remove the vine blockade in the Little Witch In The Woods RPG, they will first need to repair the Extractor tool because the glass bottle in Ellie’s witch workshop is broken. Players should interact with the NPC Aurea near the village entrance to do so. When players first discover her, she will be cursed and unable to discuss anything but nature. Therefore, players should craft a Curse-Lifting Candy to heal her and receive a glass bottle to repair their Extractor as a reward. Players will then be able to craft another Weed Termination Potion using Witchflower Extract and Squishychub Fur Extract to remove the overgrown Little Honey Pumpkins blocking their route.


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Once players unlock the new path in this crafting adventure game, they will discover a fox, Rubrum, trapped in a spiderweb. To free him, players should climb the nearby vines on cliffs to harvest Maple Herbs and give Rubrum the Maple Herb. Players will then be able to return home with the injured but freed fox. To heal him, players will need to craft Healing Candy with Witchflower Extract and Maple Herb Extract. From there, players will be instructed to return to the site of Rubrum’s spiderweb imprisonment and investigate. Once there, players will find a Boom Potion hidden in the bushes.

Little Witch In The Woods: How to Use the Boom Potion

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When players use the Boom Potion on the Giant Prickly Vine, it will only cause a small piece of the vine to break off. Players can collect this vine fragment and bring it to Aurea to learn that Moonlight can kill these vines. Accordingly, players will need to investigate their witch’s bookshelf in their home and learn that they need to craft, similar to crafting in Animal Crossing, Lunar’s Oil, to remove the vine blockade. To craft this potion, players first need to remove the Blue Moon Butterflies covering the sacred tree. To remove the butterflies, players should craft a Sunlight Potion using Witchflower, Maple Herbs, and Squishychub Fur. Once crafted, players will immediately travel to the tree and use the potion, which allows the tree to bloom bright pink at night, and two Moonflowers will fall for the player to harvest in Little Witch in the Woods.

With the Moonflowers collected, players can return to their workshop and craft Lunar’s Oil using the Phoenix Feather from their train ticket and Moonflower Extract created by placing a Moonflower in the Extractor tool. With the oil crafted, players can return to the Giant Prickly Vine and finally remove it, opening up the entrance to the village and its inhabitants, similar to Stardew Valley. However, once inside, players will discover the village was overrun with more prickly vines, and they will need to work together with the remaining inhabitants to restore the town.

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Little Witch In The Woods is now available in Early Access on Steam.

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