How To Save a Hotbar Layout in Minecraft

How To Save a Hotbar Layout in Minecraft

One feature in Minecraft’s Creative Mode is the ability to save hotbars for easy access to blocks and items. Here’s how players can set them up.

One oft-unused feature in Minecraft’s Creative Mode that even veteran players might not be aware of is the ability to save certain hotbars to their inventories. Although many players prefer working on taming Minecraft’s procedurally generated wilderness in Survival Mode, the game has no shortage of dedicated players who’ve spent hours upon hours on megabuilds in Minecraft’s Creative Mode. For these players, using the little-known ability to save specific hotbars to the Creative Mode inventory may be a useful time-saver when swapping between many block types and items.

Minecraft’s Creative Mode has been a part of the game since its earliest stages of development but was only made a permanent accessible feature in Minecraft’s Beta 1.8 Version in 2011, shortly before Minecraft officially left beta. In Creative Mode, players are invulnerable, can fly, and most importantly, have full access to a complete inventory containing all of Minecraft’s different blocks and items. As a counterpart to Survival Mode, Creative Mode is intended to make Minecraft a relatively stress-free environment where players can build to their heart’s content without having to collect resources or worry about danger from hostile mobs.


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Aside from issues Minecraft’s The Wild update didn’t fix, the only real issue in Creative Mode is that the player is still limited to a Hotbar with only nine open slots for blocks and items. Some players might find this limitation irritating, particularly when constructing massive builds using various blocks. However, saving Hotbars for easy access can save players some time.

Saving Hotbars in Minecraft’s Creative Mode

Saved Hotbars in Minecraft

Saving a Hotbar in Minecraft’s Creative Mode is a simple process. Once the player has added blocks or items from the Creative Mode inventory to the Hotbar at the bottom of the screen, all they have to do is press their C and 1 key at the same time. Some tasks, such as finding rare items in Minecraft can be fairly complex, but for saving Hotbars, that’s essentially it. Pressing both keys saves the player’s current Hotbar, and the player can then clear their inventory entirely. Pressing the X and 1 keys will then load in the saved Hotbar.

Players can save up to 9 custom Hotbars, using C and 2 and X and 2 for the second Hotbar, C, and 3 and X and 3 for the third, and so on. Then, with a bunch of Hotbars saved, players can swap them in and out quickly rather than wasting time opening their inventories and searching for the blocks and items they need.

One important caveat does exist. The Hotbar saving feature is currently only available in Minecraft Java Edition and currently doesn’t exist in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, the version of Minecraft that’s available on consoles and PC under the Minecraft for Windows name. Luckily, Minecraft Java and Bedrock are being sold together by Mojang, with players who previously bought either edition now able to get the other for free.

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Minecraft is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

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