How to Start the Tunnels of Terror DLC

How to Start the Tunnels of Terror DLC

Players can access the Tunnels of Terror DLC in Back 4 Blood, though the new Ridden Hive content isn’t accessed through traditional means.

The first major expansion of Back 4 Blood, Tunnels of Terror, is live, though it can’t be accessed like traditional DLC. The spiritual predecessor to Back 4 Blood, Left 4 Dead, had several expansions that players could access by selecting new stories and characters, which is what some fans may have expected the Tunnels of Terror to begin like. Surprisingly, there isn’t a separate campaign or content selection for the DLC, but it is ready to play for anyone who has it installed in Back 4 Blood.

The Tunnels of Terror DLC in Back 4 Blood features multiple new aspects of content, including Cleaners, Active and Corruption Cards, a new difficulty, Legendary weapons, and Ridden Hives. Ridden Hives are primarily what the Tunnels of Terror are all about, granting players access to new underground locations full of Legendary weapons and enemies for the Cleaners to face. The Ridden in each hive can be difficult to defeat, and the Legendary weapons just as hard to find, but fortunately, the two new Cleaners are perfect for the DLC.


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The two Cleaners introduced in the Tunnels of Terror DLC are Sharice and Heng. Sharice plays more of a tank role in the team, even going as far as improving the team’s health by 25% as a passive ability. Heng, on the other hand, is more suited for technical gameplay and has the ability to locate and ping nearby attachments, prepper stash doors, and Ridden Hive entrances. In Back 4 Blood, both Heng and Sharice will be automatically unlocked for anyone who purchased the DLC, Ultimate, or Deluxe editions of the game. Heng, in particular, will come in handy for locating the Ridden Hive entrances as they’re actually part of the standard campaign.

How To Find Ridden Hive Entrances In Back 4 Blood

Every New Player Card in Back 4 Blood: Tunnels of Terror DLC

To access a Ridden Hive entrance, players will simply need to begin the Back 4 Blood campaign and come across one on any given mission. The entrances are completely random across all levels, which is why Heng’s passive ability comes in handy for locating them. Players won’t have to load from anywhere special at Fort Hope to access the Ridden Hives in the Tunnels of Terror DLC.

Every time a Ridden Hive entrance has been found, it counts as starting a new level in the campaign. This means that players will be able to draw another Back 4 Blood Active Card from their decks at the beginning of the hive. This is in addition to the cards that will be accessed normally throughout the rest of the campaign as well, providing a whole new experience for the Cleaners.

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Back 4 Blood is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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