How To Transfer FFXIV Characters To New Worlds & Data Centers

How To Transfer FFXIV Characters To New Worlds & Data Centers

Final Fantasy XIV players can use Square Enix’s Home World Transfer Service to transfer their characters between servers. Here’s how to use it.

Final Fantasy XIV  is quite possibly the biggest MMORPG in the world at the moment, but for some players, transferring their characters to new worlds and data centers might be an excellent way to avoid server congestion and login queues. When the Endwalker expansion was released in December 2021, congested servers with login queues thousands of players long forced Square Enix to suspend sales to avoid taxing the game’s servers even further. While Final Fantasy XIV’s situation has improved since the game is still immensely popular, and players looking for a smoother experience can take advantage of character transfers.


Final Fantasy XIV currently offers character transfers between the game’s Home Worlds servers through the Home World Transfer Service. This allows players to apply to transfer characters to different servers. Square Enix also plans to implement the Data Center Travel system with Patch 6.18 on July 5th, allowing players to visit worlds on other data centers within their current account region. However, using the Home World Transfer Service requires players to jump through several hoops and can cost money, even though Final Fantasy XIV is offering free logins to returning players for a limited time.

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Players using the service should read up on the different classifications applied to Final Fantasy XIV’s Home Worlds. Home Worlds are classified in one of four ways: Standard Worlds inhabited with a manageable number of player characters, Congested Worlds with high player counts, Preferred Worlds with low player counts, and New Worlds recently added to Final Fantasy XIV. World classification influences aspects of the transfer process, such as payable fees and bonuses. Players who transfer characters to New or Preferred Worlds will receive special bonuses for their characters. Most importantly, transfers from Congested Worlds to Preferred Worlds or between non-New Worlds and New Worlds are free.

Using Final Fantasy XIV’s Home World Transfer Service

Unfortunately, players can’t simply click a few buttons and immediately jump back in to start Final Fantasy XIV’s Omega: Beyond the Rift quests. Instead, players have to follow four steps to complete the process. The first is to confirm their transfer eligibility, and Square Enix has a comprehensive list of requirements that players need to meet. Player characters:

Cannot be enlisted in a free company, hold a free company petition, be signed to a free company petition, or be in the process of applying to join a free company.Cannot have items on sale in the Market.Cannot have made reservations for a Ceremony of Eternal Bonding or be in possession of a blank invitation to an upcoming Eternal Bonding ceremony.Cannot have items entrusted to the Calamity SalvagerMust rehire any retainers carried over from 1.0Cannot be undertaking The Ties that Bind quest.Must retrieve optional items from the Online Store from the Delivery Moogle.

Extra requirements also exist for players involved in Final Fantasy XIV’s housing market:

The character must give up ownership of any land, estate, or housing unless they are being transferred to a New World or from a Congested World to a Preferred World.Some campaigns have specific requirements regarding ownership. In these cases, land or housing will be automatically relinquished, existing estates will be demolished, and the player will be reimbursed up to a max amount of 999,999,999 Gil.The character’s housing lottery entries will be invalidated with no refund, and characters will be unable to enter a new lottery until a new lottery entry period starts. Transferring back to the previous Home World before the lottery period ends will reinstate it.If estates have been automatically relinquished, player characters cannot have housing items or a Chocobo in the care of the Resident Caretaker or Housing Enthusiast NPCs.Players should not be designated housemates of anyone on their Friends list.

In other words, players should be careful what happens to their furniture in Final Fantasy XIV. There are also additional requirements for all players:

Players should have active FFXIV accounts: free trial, free login, and suspended accounts are not eligible.At least three days must have passed since the Home World Transfer Service was last used.Players must have logged out of the game outside any instanced areas.Players transferring to New Worlds or from Congested Worlds to Preferred Worlds should have enough inventory space to receive items.

Finally, the service cannot be used for characters:

Transferred from 1.0 that the player hasn’t logged in with since the start of FFXIV’s service.Who haven’t completed Close to Home.Less than three days old.Previously created or transferred to New Worlds in the past 90 days.Previously created on Preferred Worlds or transferred from Congested Worlds in the past 90 days.With pending name changes.Who are currently away or logged out on another Home World.

FFXIV Mog Station Logo

Battling through Final Fantasy XIV’s Bosses & Dungeons might seem easier in comparison, but players who’ve taken steps to fulfill all these requirements can then begin the transfer process on the Final Fantasy XIV Mog Station website. According to Square Enix, players will be unable to create new characters or login into the game until the transfer is complete. The Home World Transfer Service is available under the Additional Services page, and following the on-screen instructions will allow players to submit a transfer application. Players should keep the following things in mind when applying:

Character name changes may be required in specific cases.Transfers to Home Worlds in different data centers require the player to first select their desired destination World and access the character selection screen in-game at least once. Players also need to do this if they haven’t yet created any characters on the destination Home World.

Weapons and gear obtained in FFXIV will transfer over, but players should also keep in mind that some character data might not be retained, including:

LinkshellsScores from currently entered Triple Triad tournaments and Lord of Verminion tournaments.Jumbo Cactpot tickets purchased prior to Home World transfer.Points earned toward currently ongoing restoration rankings.Season Rankings from the Crystalline Conflict.Ranked Match stats.Deep Dungeon Scores, including Personal and Party High Scores.

Players who successfully complete the transfer application should have their characters moved to new Home Worlds. At this point, they should be able to log in and play the game as usual, whether that involves playing FFXIV’s chaotic PvP matches or teaming up with friends to battle new bosses. Unfortunately, the process is complicated, but for players looking to enjoy better ping and quieter servers, it just might be worth it.

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Final Fantasy XIV is available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam or Square Enix’s website.

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