How To Turn Off Driving Mode On iPhone

How To Turn Off Driving Mode On iPhone

Driving mode on an iPhone helps to avoid distractions while driving, but it’s important to know how to turn it off when it’s no longer needed.

Turning off Driving Focus on an iPhone is a simple process that only takes a few seconds. Along with the launch of iOS 15, Apple rolled out a number of new features, one of which was Focus mode. Essentially, this allows an iPhone user to focus on a task by minimizing distraction by managing notifications, incoming calls, and messages. Something that is likely to prove useful during certain situations, such as driving.

According to Apple, Focus helps users “stay in the moment” when they need to concentrate or stop using their device for a period of time. The feature is entirely customizable and users can choose the time at which they want to receive alerts and notifications from the apps on their iPhone. By default, Focus contains three profiles: Personal, Sleep, and Work.


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It is the Focus mode on an iPhone that acts as a dedicated driving mode for users in the form of Driving Focus. As and when users enable Driving Focus, text messages and other notifications are silenced. Additionally, Driving Focus also limits incoming calls which are only allowed via CarPlay or a hands-free accessory. To set up Driving Focus, open the Settings app and then tap on Focus. From here, tap on the ‘+’ sign in the top right corner of the display and then on ‘Driving.’ After selecting a few preferences, like allowing notifications while driving, the driving mode is ready to go.

Turn Off Driving Focus Mode On iPhone

How to turn off driving mode on iPhone from Settings

if an iPhone user find they are stuck with Driving Mode when they are finished driving, it can be manually disabled again. To turn off driving mode, open the Settings app and navigate to the Focus section once again. This time, tap on Driving and then disable the mode by switching the Driving toggle to the off position. For those who have already set up Driving Focus, the quickest way to turn off driving mode is through the iPhone’s Control Center. In iOS 15, there is a new Control Center tile for controlling Focus mode. Users just need to touch and hold the Focus tile, then tap Driving to turn it off.

There are three modes of activation for Focus mode while driving. Users can set it to ‘automatically’ which activates Driving Focus mode when it detects motion. Then there is the ‘When Connected to Car Bluetooth’ option which activates Driving Focus when a user’s iPhone connects with the Bluetooth devices in a car. The last option allows users to manually enable and disable Driving Focus. For those who repeatedly face issues with the driving mode on an iPhone, activating it manually (only when needed) is likely to be the best solution.

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