How To Unlock Animal Crossing Backgrounds

How To Unlock Animal Crossing Backgrounds

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can pick up Animal Crossing backgrounds for free. They can be bought using Platinum Points in the Missions list.

New Animal Crossing backgrounds can be unlocked on the Nintendo Switch. In addition, those who are subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online are given a handful of benefits to help enhance their gaming experience. Outside of having the ability to play online with others around the globe, players are also able to play classic Nintendo titles like Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda. This subscription service has continued to add more value with the Expansion Pack release, allowing Nintendo 64 titles to run on the console-handheld-hybrid. One of the newest features added to the service is the ability to customize your own custom icon with your favorite Nintendo characters.


It’s important to mention that those looking to unlock the Animal Crossing backgrounds on Nintendo Switch will need an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription. The service is about $19.99 USD for an entire year with smaller and bigger plans in between, offering different features. First, select the Nintendo Switch Online icon from the main Nintendo Switch menu on the bottom left. It’s a bright-red icon, making it easy to spot, regardless of what theme the player is running.

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To unlock the Animal Crossing backgrounds, head over to the ‘Missions & Rewards’ tab on the bottom. It’s labeled with a small white present with a red bow on the screen. Here, there will be a list of every Animal Crossing character that can be turned into an icon. Each character will cost 10 Platinum Points to purchase. Fortunately, the Animal Crossing backgrounds are a bit cheaper, only costing 5 Platinum Points each. Now, the player can pick and choose which combination of Animal Crossing they want for their icon. It’s even possible to mix together franchises for a more custom look.

How To Earn More Platinum Points on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Online Missions Cover

Platinum Points act as an in-game currency for the Nintendo Switch and can be used to purchase exclusive digital items. To earn more Platinum Points, select the ‘Missions’ tab on the top-right of the screen. There will be a long list of objectives for players to clear to get more Platinum Points. They all range from playing a variety of Nintendo-related software. For example, playing Kirby Super Star on the Super Nintendo emulator will reward players with 50 Platinum Points.

That’s enough to purchase five Animal Crossing icons without even needing to play more than a few seconds of the game. These quests often have a cooldown, meaning players should frequently check this list to maximize their profits. Currently, all the Animal Crossing icons are for residents with birthdays that land in May. The roster of characters will be switched when June comes around next month. There are other Nintendo properties available like Kirby and the Forgotten Land and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to unlock icons for as well.

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Nintendo Switch is available from most games & tech retailers.

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