How to Unlock Galactic Mode in Mario Strikers Battle League

How to Unlock Galactic Mode in Mario Strikers Battle League

Dust off your cleats, throw on some sleek-looking armor and load up on red shells because Mario Strikers: Battle League has released. The third entry in this sports series, players assume the role of various Nintendo characters as they try to prove who’s best at football. Along with the basics such as passing, shooting, and blocking, Mario Strikers: Battle League also lets you hurl giant banana peels or even your ally at opponents. While you will spend your first couple of hours practicing your fundamentals, eventually you’ll want to take on tougher challenges.

Enter Galactic Mode, the hardest difficulty in Mario Strikers: Battle League and the best way to really prepare against online opponents. Unfortunately, this setting isn’t available from the start and will require a bit of work on your end to unlock. Here’s what you need to know about Galactic mode and how to unlock this difficulty setting:

How to Unlock Galactic Mode

To unlock Galactic Mode, you will need to complete every Cup Battle on Normal difficulty and then win the Championship Cup. The Championship Cup will be locked and unplayable until you go through the other Cup Battles which can take a bit of time depending on your skill level. Every cup consists of a minimum of three matches if you win everything, however, you can lose one match and still complete a cup. This is because Cup Battles have a loser bracket, so don’t lose faith if you have a bad game against one of your opponents. Alternatively, you can spend 100 coins to have a rematch if you’re out of attempts, but this is unideal since you’ll want to save your coins for gear.

Once you complete all of the Cup Battles on Normal you’ll unlock Galactic Mode. Not only is the A.I. way smarter, but you can earn over double the coins for completing each cup once on this difficulty. This is perfect for racking up a bunch of money to buy the gear you need like the expensive Bushido armor. Additionally, you will earn 100 coins for every subsequent win in a Cup Battle on Galactic difficulty. This can be a nice way to earn some coins – especially since completing a cup on Galactic mode the first time nets you 1,000 coins which is fantastic.

If you want to complete the Galactic Championship Cup, this is unlocked after completing the Cannon, Chain, Turbo, Muscle, and Trick Cups on Galactic difficulty. Outside of earning a bunch of coins, you won’t unlock anything extra for beating every Cup Battle on this setting so don’t feel pressured to do it. This is just a terrific way to test your skills, as the CPUs are far more aggressive and clever with how they maneuver the ball around the field. You will absolutely want to ensure you have a fully geared team that you’re comfortable with, otherwise, the A.I. will be especially tricky. Those stat boosts matter so don’t ignore them!

Author: Deann Hawkins