How to Unlock the Armory & Weapons in The House of the Dead Remake

How to Unlock the Armory & Weapons in The House of the Dead Remake

The House of the Dead Remake is live on all major platforms, so now everyone can warp back to 1996. Completely rebuilt from the ground up by developer MegaPixel Studio, players can blast their way through hordes of undead abominations in a very large, creepy mansion. While this remake is remarkably faithful to the original, there are some extra goodies hidden throughout for those willing to hone their monster-killing skills. Perhaps the coolest addition is the Armory, which allows players to unlock four unique weapons you can use in any of the game modes. Here’s how to unlock the Armory and the four different guns:

House of the Dead Armory

How to Unlock the Armory

To unlock the Armory you need to complete a playthrough of the game where every survivor you come across is rescued. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to go through every single route on every single level and save all those survivors. Just saving the ones you come across during a single run will count. This is easier said than done since a lot of these people will be moments away from death when you arrive. If you are struggling with this, I recommend playing on Easy since all the zombies will be far easier to kill. If you accidentally kill a survivor, just go back to the main menu and reload the level. Remember it has to be the same playthrough, so don’t restart the entire chapter just load the level you accidentally killed the survivor on.

Once you reach the fourth mission, make your way through the Chariot and Hangedman bosses. Eventually, you will progress to a set of doors, causing your character to automatically enter the armory on the right. There are no buttons to shoot or locks to break, so long as every survivor has been rescued your agent will go into the armory. Inside are a bunch of extra lives and some golden frogs to blast. This will also unlock the armory and weapon chests in each level.

How to Unlock Every Weapon

How to Unlock the Crossbow

You can find the crossbow in Chapter 1 early on inside of the mansion. When you arrive at the mansion doors, you will be attacked by two undead monkies that jump down from a chandelier. Kill the one on the left, do not kill the monkey on the right. This will cause you to take the path on the right which leads through the doors on the first floor. Keep going until you reach the room shown above. It’s the dining room that has a few caged survivors you typically need to blast the lock to open. Before you see the cage, two zombies will attack you. Ignore them and shoot at the chest that’s peeking out from behind the stone pillar in the middle of the screen. This will unlock the crossbow for you.

How to Unlock The Pitter

The Pitter is located in Chapter 2. In the opening room, make sure to shoot the locks over the trap door on the floor. This will send you on the path that leads towards The Pitter. Make your way to the kitchen where the two zombies come rushing out of the freezer. After killing both of them you’ll be knocked down by two zombies breaking down the wall. Well, that was rude. Instead of shooting the ghouls, blast the chest in the bottom right corner of the screen. Doing so will open it up, unlocking The Pitter for you. It can be a bit hard to see, but I promise there is a chest there.

How to Unlock the Grenade Launcher

Hands down the easiest gun to unlock, when you start Chapter 3 you will need to retrieve a keycard in a security booth. When you go into the security booth, a few zombies will attack. Behind the console you grab the keycard from you will see the chest sitting between some science equipment. This is the best horde clearing weapon in the entire game, so I strongly recommend picking it up if you want to complete that mode.

How to Unlock the Assault Rifle

The last unlockable gun in the game is my personal favorite, the assault rifle. Also found extremely early on the chapter, when you arrive follow the designated path until you reach a balcony with two ball and chain wielding zombies. In the bottom right corner along the railing is the chest. You will probably need to take a hit here, but that won’t be a problem since completing a level isn’t required to unlock the gun. Once the chest is open you can always reload the chapter if you get hit.

That’s it! Grabbing the assault rifle will complete your collection of weapons which can you can freely use in any mode you want.

Author: Deann Hawkins