How to Unlock the Ixali Tribe Quests in FFXIV

How to Unlock the Ixali Tribe Quests in FFXIV

You definitely want to unlock the Ixali Tribe in Final Fantasy XIV. They’re actually one of the first Tribes that you can befriend in the world of FFXIV — but their Tribe Quests still play a pivotal role for some players. Introduced all the way back in A Realm Reborn, these bird-like humanoids have a lot for crafters, in particular. You can use them to quickly level up your Disciples of the Hand. Their quests are an excellent source of crafting class EXP, Materia, and more.

Like most Tribal Quests, however, their series of missions requires you to first complete some combat encounters scattered throughout several locations. At least these ones can be done rather quickly. Let’s still take a look at all of the quest locations for your reference.

Where to Unlock the Ixali Tribe in FFXIV

Before you can access the Ixali, you need to have completed the level 41 Main Scenario Quest “In Pursuit of the Past,” which takes place during the A Realm Reborn storyline. With that out of the way, you can now pick up “A Bad Bladder,” a level 1 quest from Scarlet in New Gridania (X: 9.9, Y: 11.4).

The trick here is that all of the subsequent quests for the unlock process are not for combat classes/Jobs. Instead, you need to have a Disciple of the Hand ready to go.

The first quest in the chain will give you Ehcatl Wristgloves. While it’s an annoying quirk, these are extremely important. You need to have them equipped to your character anytime you synthesize the items needed for the Ixali quests. Once you have the gloves equipped, crafting will be done by accessing your Crafting Log, selecting “Special Recipes” under “Recipe Level”, and then choosing “Ixal Quests” under “Beast Tribe Quests.”

Ixali Tribe Quest

The full list of Ixali Tribe unlock quests is below. Each new quest becomes available at different Reputation levels:

“Reaching for Cloud Nine” (Level 1) – Sezul Totoloc in North Shroud (X: 24.4, Y: 23.4)
“A Designer Job” (Level 3) – Sezul Totoloc in North Shroud (X: 24.4, Y: 23.4)
“The Boy from Gridania” (Level 6) – Tataramu in North Shroud (X: 24.5, Y: 23.4)
“Lathe to the Party” (Level 10) – Sezul Totoloc in North Shroud (X: 24.4, Y: 23.4)
“Standing at the Helm” (Level 15) – Tataramu in North Shroud (X: 24.5, Y: 23.4)
“Never Be Royal” (Level 16) – Sezul Totoloc in North Shroud (X: 24.4, Y: 23.4)
“Spread Your Wings and Soar” (Level 18) – Sezul Totoloc in North Shroud (X: 24.4, Y: 23.4)

That’s all she wrote! None of these quests is the least bit difficult, but you will need to play as both combat Jobs and crafting classes in order to complete them at various stages.

Just like most other Tribal Quests, you will receive 12 total daily quest “allowances” which acts as a daily cap. These Tribe Quests task you with objectives ranging from crafting items, or typing out special messages to simply interacting with NPCs. They’re all very easy. That makes this a streamlined way to level up any crafting class, so long as you have enough daily Tribe Quest allowances left, of course.

Most of the later Tribal Quests — those found in Heavensward and other expansions — only allow you to complete three per faction per day. However, older quests like those performed for the Ixali allow you to do more. Yet you still only get 12 allowances in all to use per day across every different tribe in FFXIV. Remember you can always check your total remaining number of tribe quest allowances from the Timers section on the Duty menu. You’ll find them near the bottom of the screen!

How to Unlock the Ixali “Deliverance” Quest in FFXIV

One of the actual most important things you can do for the Ixali crafters is a repeatable quest called “Deliverance.” This is unique among FFXIV Tribe Quests.

“Deliverance” only counts as one daily mission. However, it allows you to quite literally deliver multiple items to the Ixali faction per day. Just speak to the Ehcatl Nine Manciple in the Echcatl Nine camp (where you accept all the Ixali quests). He will provide you with a quota that must be reached by handing over normal items (“normal” here means they’re found in your regular Crafting Log and not among the Ixal Quests category).

Each item you craft (or purchase off the Market Board if you’re lazy) is worth a certain number of points. Higher-level items are worth more points towards your quota, but they also reward you with greater EXP. That’s the real value of “Deliverance” in FFXIV — EXP for every item you deliver, not just for completing the quest itself. It functions pretty much exactly the same as Supply and Provisioning Missions for your Grand Company, if you’re already familiar with those.

The simple version of this is that you should always make “Deliverance” one of your daily Ixali quests, since it’s the best investment of your time and effort.

How to Unlock the Other FFXIV Crafting Tribes

Note that the FFXIV Ixal Tribe Quests are mostly designed for crafting classes between level 1 – 50. After that point, everything besides “Deliverance” deliveries will provide significantly less EXP. You can get around this problem by simply unlocking and doing quests for the other Tribes. So far, there has been one Tribal Quest faction dedicated to Disciples of the Hand per expansion.

Here’s a full list of how to unlock the other crafting-based Tribes after you surpass the Ixali:

That’s it four our latest tribe guide. Best of luck making friends with your new, wingless pals!

Author: Deann Hawkins