How Would You Cast the Metal Gear Solid Movie?

How Would You Cast the Metal Gear Solid Movie?

This week on Channel F (the Fanbyte Video Game Game Show), host merritt k enlists Steven, Danielle and Fūnk-é to help suss out the actual best cast possible for a film based on Konami’s 1998 PlayStation classic Metal Gear Solid. Oscar Isaac? Who?? You mean Timothée Chalamet? And just how twinky does Revolver Ocelot’s actor need to be while portraying a man in his early 60s, anyway?

Meanwhile, the group’s knowledge of Rare games (that’s capital-R Rare, not to be confused with games that just happen to be difficult to find) is put to the test in “A Rare Quiz.” Is merritt showing favoritism by designing a challenge that her close friend and boss Danielle Riendeau is particularly suited for? Is she, as they say, greasing the wheels?? You know what, you be the judge. Listen to the episode and tell us if you think merritt is cheating or not in a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts (or with an equivalent rating on your podcast platform of choice). Or just tell a friend! We may be owned by a company that’s owned by a billion-dollar multinational corporation, but our little network still relies on your word of mouth to grow. Help us grow with your mouth!

Channel F Ep. 168: Madea Gear Solid

Segments: A Rare Quiz, Stunt Casting (Metal Gear Solid Edition)


Here are a few of our chief learnings from today’s exercise:

Lady Ghostbusters set lady Mask back by 20 years (this is tragic, when you think about it).
You can take the man out of the twink, but you can’t take the twink out of the man.
Okay, wait, maybe Dennis Rodman actually is decoy octopus.

Channel F Ep. 168: Madea Gear Solid Transcript

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Author: Deann Hawkins