Immortality Tasks Players with Solving a Fictional Hollywood Mystery

Immortality Tasks Players with Solving a Fictional Hollywood Mystery

A new game from Her Story director Sam Barlow called Immortality tasks players with solving a fictional murder-mystery in old Hollywood.

The newest game from Sam Barlow, creator of Her Story invites players to solve an old Hollywood mystery in the new upcoming game Immortality. This follows in the same genre as Barlow’s last game, an interactive film that requires players to review film clips for clues and solve a mystery much like a detective. But whereas Her Story took place in the 90s involving a woman’s missing husband, Immortality takes players to a glamourous past Hollywood.

In Immortality, which is described as an interactive film trilogy on the Xbox YouTube channel, players must solve the mystery of the fictional missing Hollywood actress Marissa Marcel. The trilogy is that of the fictional films she appeared in, with the player needing to find lost footage that will apparently reveal her fate. The trailer shows similar gameplay to Her Story, as the player can comb through clips and match them with others to uncover Marcel’s fate. And, in contrast to Her Story, Immortality also features behind-the-scenes footage that can give even more depth to the mystery beyond what a witness describes or what an actress shows on screen.


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Her Story was lauded for its tight narrative and interesting gameplay loop. The fact that players must not only match clips but also evaluate the real-life actors portraying these characters, and determine whether or not they are being truthful or holding back information, made it one of the most celebrated indie games of 2015. Players often found themselves engrossed in the story even as the murder-mystery aspect took a back seat, engrossing players as they felt more like a real-world detective. Now that Immortality has brought the interactive film game back, would-be Sherlocks can prepare to sink their teeth into the mystery of Marissa Marcel.

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Immortality will release for Xbox Series X/S and PC in Summer 2022.

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