Iron Man Gets The Most Embarrassing Downgrade In Marvel History

Iron Man Gets The Most Embarrassing Downgrade In Marvel History

Iron Man is getting a significant downgrade when it comes to power, as he trades in the Power Cosmic for… a pair of rollerskates?

Warning! Spoilers for Iron Man #20 by Marvel Comics

In one of the biggest downgrades in Marvel Comics history, Iron Man will be trading in the Power Cosmic for his armor’s hilarious roller skates. In a new preview for Iron Man #20, Tony Stark’s god-like powers are officially gone, as the hero goes back to his normal Iron Man armor, which includes the reappearance of one of his silliest additions, his roller skates.

Iron Man became one of the most powerful Avengers in history after gaining the incredible Power Cosmic while taking down the villain Korvac. However, after the hero defeated his superpowered enemy, Tony Stark returned to Earth with the god-like powers, where he attempted to shape it in his image. Stark gave the entire city of New York his intellect, immediately creating numerous problems. When his closest friends staged an intervention to try to strip him of his powers, he lost control and killed them. Soon after, with the convincing of Patsy Walker, Iron Man realized he had made a grave mistake, revived his murdered friends, changed New York back to normal, and got rid of his powers. Without them, Tony is about to make one of the biggest downgrades in Marvel Comics history.


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Tony Stark adjusts to his new normal without his god-like powers in a new textless preview of Iron Man #20 by Christopher Cantwell and Angel Unzueta. Marvel Comics has teased his proposal to Patsy Walker, and it seems like their relationship will take the next step in the issue. The preview also shows Iron Man fighting a gorilla, which includes busting out his roller skates attached to his armor, with the villain chasing him in a Vespa. It is a hilarious scene that emphasizes the downgrade in powers Tony Stark will face.

Iron Man Marvel Comics

Iron Man Marvel Comics

Iron Man Marvel Comics

The roller skates might seem like a silly armor feature, but Cantwell and Unzueta are reaching into Iron Man’s storied history, as the hero’s boot-skates debuted nearly 60 years ago. The roller skates, which are attached to his armor, have come back a few times when emphasizing the more fun side of the hero – and considering a gorilla is chasing him on a motorbike in this issue, it definitely seems like Iron Man is in for a silly time.

Iron Man Marvel Comics

Readers can see Iron Man get the most significant power downgrade – from the mighty Power Cosmic to the return of his armor’s classic roller skates – when Iron Man #20 from Marvel Comics arrives in comic book stores and online retailers on May 11, 2022.

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