Is Kindle Unlimited Free With Amazon Prime? What You Need To Know

Is Kindle Unlimited Free With Amazon Prime? What You Need To Know

Kindle Unlimited is an Amazon subscription that lets users access over two million e-books on Kindles, smartphones, and even computers.

Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service that gives users access to millions of e-books, and Prime users might be wondering if this is included in their subscription price. The Amazon Prime subscription plan is best known for the free two-day shipping that members receive for most online orders, but there are a lot of additional features that are included. While Amazon Prime is the most notable subscription service offered by the company, there are others that expand on its offerings. A Prime subscription comes with select music streaming titles available, but for a separate fee, the Amazon Music Unlimited service completes the library. Similarly, the Kindle features in an Amazon Prime subscription can vary.


A Prime subscription includes Amazon Prime Reading and is another media option to complement the Prime titles available in Amazon Video and Amazon Music. It is extremely limited, though — the Prime Reading library only features about 2,500 books. The service might be a nice addition to the other features included in an Amazon Prime subscription, but doesn’t stand on its own as an individual subscription service. That’s where Kindle Unlimited comes in.

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A Kindle Unlimited subscription is not included in an Amazon Prime subscription. Instead, it serves as a standalone service that provides a much bigger catalog than the Prime Reading titles that are included with Amazon Prime. The Kindle Unlimited plan is a monthly, $9.99 subscription that can be canceled at any time. New users have the option to either test the service out for a free month or pay $4.99 for the first two months. Afterward, the plan auto-renews and users will have continued access to the Kindle Unlimited catalog as long as the subscription is active.

Should You Subscribe To Kindle Unlimited?

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition

The Kindle Unlimited plan offers access to over two million e-books available on Amazon for its price. Users can access up to 20 e-books at a time with the plan, and ‘return’ finished e-books in order to gain access to new titles. In addition, the plan includes three magazine subscriptions that can automatically be delivered to a Kindle when new issues are released. It’s not just limited to the Kindle either — the service can be used on nearly all internet-connected devices including the Kindle desktop, mobile, and web apps.

So, does it make sense to get an additional Kindle Unlimited subscription? Reading can be an expensive hobby, and although e-books are conventionally cheaper than the average paperback or hardcover, they are still pricey. If a user wants the flexibility of being able to try any book that comes to mind without the fear of wasting money, the subscription is a great option. Similarly, if a reader finishes books too quickly to justify the cost of new books, Kindle Unlimited could be the perfect solution. However, if a user is more interested in curating a personal library that they might come back to down the road, buying individual e-books on Amazon might be the better choice.

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