Joker Would Be Thanos’ Greatest Enemy If They Lived in the Same Universe

Joker Would Be Thanos' Greatest Enemy If They Lived in the Same Universe

Joker better be grateful to live in the DCU because an admission about his fondness for the embodiment of Death would make him Thanos’ archenemy.

It looks like Thanos would have a serious competitor for the hand of Death if the Joker managed to cross universes. The Clown Prince of Crime took a page out of the Mad Titan’s book when he admitted a fondness for DC’s manifestation of Death.

If there’s one thing Thanos is infamous for, it’s the intense infatuation he has for the cosmic entity Death. Thanos’ desire burns so strong for his Lady that he’s gone above and beyond to try and win her hand. In possibly his greatest achievement, Thanos collected the Infinity Stones and even managed to wipe out half of all life in universe as a tribute to her. And while his most notable attempt to gain favor with Death didn’t work, it’s never stopped Thanos from doing what he must do in order to win the love of his life.


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That said, the cosmic terror could be in a spot of trouble with his relationship goals if the Joker managed to hop from the DC Universe over to Marvel’s. Action Comics #897 by Paul Cornell and Pete Woods features Lex Luthor venturing to Arkham Asylum. Luthor, Superman’s greatest enemy, has been trying to attain cosmic power, a journey that’s literally taken him to the afterlife where Lex met Sandman’s Death. He chases a lead on an energy source that takes him to Arkham, where Luthor is forced to interrogate the Joker. After a fruitless conversation, Joker unveils the energy source and reveals that the odd force has allowed him to gain cosmic insights based on what he desires. Those desires allowed him to eavesdrop on the conversation Lex had with Death, who the Joker refers to as a “big teaser” who doesn’t respond to his “gifts.”

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It’s a good thing Joker lives in the DC Universe because Thanos doesn’t take kindly to other people attempting to court his beloved Death. When Deadpool attained the love of Death, it made Thanos so insanely jealous he “cursed” the Merc with a Mouth to live forever just so the two would never be together. Death is everything for Thanos, so if another person even attempted to try and impress her, they would have no choice but to deal with the Mad Titan.

The Joker’s never going to stop killing, obviously. And if he discovered Thanos was in love with Death, Joker would probably kill even more just to egg him on. But Thanos isn’t the type to stand for that. Even if the Joker is far, far below what Thanos would consider a worthy challenger, the conqueror would have no choice but to put the clown in his place. Thanos’ pride will not allow him to have a competitor for the heart of his beloved, even if the Joker could never come anywhere close to the numbers Thanos has racked up to impress Death.

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