Jurassic Park Original Cast Unite In Sweet Photo With Pratt & Howard

Jurassic Park Original Cast Unite In Sweet Photo With Pratt & Howard

In a recent tweet from Bryce Dallas Howard, the original cast of Jurassic Park unite for a fun photo ahead of Jurassic World Dominion release.

The original cast of Jurrasic Park unites in a fun photo posted to Bryce Dallas Howard’s Twitter page. Initially adapted for the screen from Michael Crichton’s novel of the same name, the iconic film franchise began its legendary run by smashing box office records in 1993. Steven Spielberg helmed the project, leading the film to a seemingly endless slew of accolades, including three wins at the 66th Academy Awards. At the time of the film’s release, Jurassic Park took the use of computer-generated imagery (CGI) and elevated it to a whole new level, blowing both audiences and critics away with the authenticity of the dinosaurs and setting an entirely new industry standard. Overall, the Jurassic Park franchise features two film trilogies, the supposed last of which is the upcoming Jurassic World Dominion, scheduled for release in June 2022.


Undoubtedly, the original Jurassic Park film assembled a superb cast and, coupled with the groundbreaking CGI effects, was destined to become the classic that it is today. In the franchise’s subsequent film releases, major stars like Vince Vaughn, Julianne Moore, and William H. Macy have hopped on board the Jurassic train and lent their creative expertise to the franchise. Although the original cast members had their individual roles in subsequent films, audiences were left wondering if they might ever fully come together on screen to thwart off more dinosaur mayhem.

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In a recent post to Bryce Dallas Howard’s Twitter, the original cast of Jurrasic Park unites for a fun photo opportunity. The trio of Laura Dern, Sam Neill, and Jeff Goldblum has been dropping photos for audiences here and there as the hype for the upcoming film continues mounting. It has been nearly 30 years since the original film was released, making the upcoming reunion even that much sweeter for lifelong fans of the franchise. So, while audiences eagerly wait to actually see the original cast back together onscreen, fun photos like this will have to suffice. Check out the photo from Howard below:

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The original Jurassic Park (1993) film sees a select group of people, including the trio of Dern, Neil, and Goldblum, invited to an all-new type of experiential theme park. Upon arriving, the group comes face to face with real-life dinosaurs that have been cloned and brought to life through advanced genetic engineering. However, the once awestruck guests soon must fend for their lives as things turn chaotic when a damaging storm rolls through and knocks out power to the park. After narrowly surviving countless battles with their dinosaur counterparts, and with the history of the dino-fighting trio deeply rooted from the beginning, the onscreen chemistry and all-new battle for dominance over dinosaurs are likely to captivate audiences the same way it did almost 30 years ago.

The Jurassic Park franchise as a whole has grown insurmountably since its inception in 1993. Spielberg’s adaptation of Crichton’s novel will likely live on indefinitely, not only for its mere entertainment value but for its groundbreaking work, which ultimately advanced the way audiences would view and see film moving forward. The excitement of seeing the crew onscreen again is undeniable, and audiences everywhere can check out Jurassic World Dominion upon its scheduled release in June 2022.

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