Justice League Actor Explains Darkseid Plot Hole

Justice League Actor Explains Darkseid Plot Hole

Darkseid actor Ray Porter clears up a supposed plot hole in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, suggesting the character has looked on other Earths.

The actor who played Darkseid in Zack Snyder’s Justice League reveals why the character forgot where Earth was in the DCEU. It has been over a year since the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, something many thought would never come. The four-hour epic saw Zack Snyder’s original vision for the project brought to life and featured characters from all over the DCEU, including Martian Manhunter, Deathstroke, and Joker all in one film.

One of the most anticipated elements in Zack Snyder’s Justice League was the addition of Darkseid, who was cut out of the theatrical cut. Created by Jack Kirby in 1970 in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134, Darkseid is considered one of if not the biggest villains in the DC Universe and has been featured in a number of adaptations from the DC Animated Universe series, from Young Justice to even Harley Quinn. Yet, while audiences were excited to see the character, many were wondering how the character forgot the location of Earth, given that Darkseid likely would remember his greatest defeat and that it was alsovthe location of the Anti-Life Equation.


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In an interview with FandomWire, Zack Snyder’s Justice League actor Ray Porter, who played Darkseid in the film, explained the plot contrivance. Porter commented that given how old Darkseid is and all the planets in the universe, it’s possible Earth got lost in his memory. One interesting thing to note is Porter says other Earths, potentially implying Darkseid has been searching the multiverse for the Anti-Life Equation. Porter said:

“Consider the fact that he’s turned a hundred thousand worlds to dust, it was so long ago that he found this equation and then it was taken from him in battle and he always wanted to ‘re-find’ it. We are talking so many thousands of years, so many planets, universes, and possible Earths. Uxas, the person who became Darkseid has also changed so much in that long timespan. So, for someone whose knowledge spans so much, maybe the knowledge got lost in the vastness that it was on this Earth in particular. And then, Steppenwolf, of all people, approaches him about this.”

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This is not the first time someone involved in the film has tried to clear this up, as director Zack Snyder previously commented on the supposed plot hole Darkseid forgot due to his injuries. While it could be seen as a plot hole in the movie, there is a certain amount of sense in Porter’s statement. The cosmic side of the DC Universe is vast, with the Milky Way galaxy being sector 2814 in the Green Lantern Corp hinting at just the vast scope. Plus, if the character has the ability to transcend multiverses, it means the New Gods and those of planet Apokolips might exist outside the DCEU and are able to visit any version of the DC multiverse.

Darkseid was clearly meant to have a larger role in the sequels to Justice League, including corrupting Superman with the Anti-Life Equation and the third film meant to be a massive battle against the ruler of Apokolips. Currently, there are no plans for Porter to return as Darkseid or for the character to even appear again as Ava DuVernay and Tom King’s New Gods film was canceled by Warner Bros. However, with Warner Bros. planning to restructure their DC film brand, it is entirely possible Darkseid could return as a threat to unite the various heroes the DCEU is setting up like Batgirl, Blue Beetle, and more.

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Source: FandomWire

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